Objective 1: Rights

We strengthen LGBTQI youth rights, fight for equality and inclusion, and strive to represent the intersectional needs of LGBTQI youth within international, European, and national policy and legal mechanisms, with a specific focus on Inclusive Education, Health, and Hate Crime.


Specific objectives

Inclusive Education

We work towards safer and more inclusive learning environments to advance access and recognition of LGBTQI youth to our right to education. Read more.

Right to Health

We aim to define and document how LGBTQI youth enjoys the right to health, and develop guidelines for non-discriminatory, safe and inclusive access to (general and specific) mental and physical health care.

Fight Bias-Motivated Hate Crime

We provide evidence of LGBTQI young people’s experience of bias-motivated hate crime, hate speech and violence, and develop guidelines for appropriate measures of prevention, reporting, and protection.


Key Activities


Thematic Research

We benchmark legal and policy standards as well as the actual situation of LGBTQI youth on Inclusive Education, Right to Health, and Bias-Motivated Hate Crime.   Check our Resources.


Working Groups

We amplify voices of LGBTQI Youth in political processes by involving them in our Advocacy Working Group and Anti-Racism Task Force. Meet the members of the groups.


Identification of Legal Processes and Human Rights Violation

We identify priority Council of Europe and EU policy and legal processes and engage with implementation of the EU strategies. We also document and communicate Human Rights violations.


Advocacy Capacity Building and Impact

We improve local organisations’ capacities to engage with rights mechanisms and increase our advocacy impact through organising events, running advocacy communication campaigns, increasing political communication, writing briefings, translating research data into concrete recommendations, and more.


Representation at key LGBTQI events

IGLYO champions the meaningful inclusion of young people in all meetings, events and forums. By building the skills of LGBTQI young people and providing them with opportunities to meet decision makers, contribute to important discussions and speak about their own experiences, IGLYO aims to tackle youth discrimination in a positive and constructive way.


Participation in European youth networks

IGLYO’s active participation within the European youth movement plays a key role in educating all young people about non-discrimination and the benefits of diversity. IGLYO is a member of the European Youth Forum, associate member of the European Students’’ Union and has an elected member in the Council of Europe Advisory Committee on Youth.


Read also Objective 2: Empowerment and Objective 3: Network.

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