Objective 2: Increasing the visibility and highlighting the diversity of LGBTQI youth identities

Key Activities

Representation at key LGBTQI events

IGLYO champions the meaningful inclusion of young people in all meetings, events and forums. Young people are still too often excluded or not taken seriously. IGLYO, therefore, strives to highlight the benefits of diversity of age as well as sexual orientation, gender identity and expression and variations in sex characteristics. By building the skills of LGBTQI young people and providing them with opportunities to meet decision makers, contribute to important discussions and speak about their own experiences, IGLYO aims to tackle youth discrimination in a positive and constructive way.


Participation in European youth networks

IGLYO’s active participation within the European youth movement plays a key role in educating all young people about non-discrimination and the benefits of diversity. IGLYO is regularly asked to contribute to or review organisational policies on gender and sexual orientation, deliver LGBTQI awareness training or speak about issues faced by LGBTQI youth. IGLYO is a member of the European Youth Forum, associate member of the European Students’’ Union and has an elected member in the Council of Europe Advisory Committee on Youth. This important mainstreaming work with young people, plays a key role in raising public awareness and increasing understanding and acceptance in society over time.


Film campaigns and digital storytelling

IGLYO will continue to build on the success of its online campaigns work, ensuring that more LGBTQI young people have the opportunity to share their personal experiences and views through our international platform.


Research which highlights the experiences of LGBTQI youth

Over the next three years IGLYO will conduct a minimum of two research projects to gather much needed data on issues and experiences of LGBTQI youth.

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