Objective 3

Making education safe and inclusive for all

  • To ensure safe and inclusive educational environments for all LGBTQI young people by working with our members, governments, experts, teachers, parents, and learners.
  • To raise awareness of the issues faced by LGBTQI youth in education through innovative campaigns and resources

Key Activities

LGBTQI Inclusive Education Index

With the first edition launched in 2017, IGLYO will continue to collect data from all Council of Europe Member States every 2-3 years to provide an overview of LGBTQI inclusive strategies within education. The Index will allow for quick comparison between different countries and show progress over time as each edition is launched.

LGBTQI Inclusive Education Report

Created as a complementary resource to the Index, the Report provides a more detailed account of the situation within each country and highlights good practices.

LGBTQI School Students’ Survey

To measure how effective LGBTQI inclusive policies and practices are in reality, IGLYO will conduct the first European wide LGBTQI School Students’ Survey in 2018. This qualitative research will highlight young people’s experiences of school and help identify where progress is most needed.

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