Objective 2: Empowerment

We train, support, and build the capacity and skills of LGBTQI youth organisations, activists, leaders, and volunteers to represent, advocate on behalf of, and serve our communities more effectively, influencing sustainable societal change and increasing the visibility of our movements.


Key Activities


Activist Academy

This annual five-day event aims to provide a starting point for young people interested in LGBTQI rights to become activists. Through a menu of skills-based workshops and team challenges, this intensive training programme builds the confidence and skills of participants to become leaders. Visit website.


Online Capacity Building

IGLYO began its online capacity building programme in 2016 with a series of webinars. IGLYO offers a series of online interactive modules, which greatly increase the volume and reach of our capacity building work with young people.


Effective Evidence-Based Workshops & Trainings

IGLYO regularly designs and delivers a range of workshops and training events with partners, institutions, etc., for young people to increase their skills on LGBTQI youth rights and equality. These are run at the IGLYO office or at LGBTQI events, European youth meetings, and at partner conferences.


Members’ Mentoring

IGLYO offers custom designed and tailor-made mentoring projects for Member Organisations, as well organisational level capacity building.


Community Engagement

We mobilise our Members and supporters for actions, surveys, outreach and communication activities.


Read also Objective 1: Rights and Objective 3: Network.

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