November 18, 2015

Third and Fourth Day, AMC15 – General Assembly


After two days fully dedicated to conferences, members’ consultations and workshops, we finally got to the core of the whole event: IGLYO’s General Assembly 2015!

The General Assembly is one of the most important events in IGLYO’s year agenda. IGLYO strongly invites every member organization to take part to the Assembly, in order to make as democratic and transparent as possible IGLYO’s working plan for the following years. Delegates are invited to share their input, knowledge and resources in order to make IGLYO’s work as most reflective as possible of its members’ will.

Before the General Assembly started, members had to approve the proposed Chairing Pool and Editing Committee. Chair of this year’s General Assembly was Ruth Baldacchino, Co-Secretary General at ILGA-World, while Vice-Chair was Setta Maria, who was also a member of the Financial Control Committee for the mandate 2013-2015. The minute taker of this year was IGLYO’s ex Board member Sarah Rowlinson. The Editing Committee included Kimon Panagiotopoulos, Luisa Tolu and IGLYO’s Board member Eirik Rise. The Editing Committee’ s role is to collect proposals and prepare them for the GA voting, to merge proposals, suggest editorial changes and compromising solutions and finally, to reflect the input of the GA.

The Assembly started with a roll call, calling all the present member organisations to vote for the approval of new members and for the elimination of others. Eleven organizations were approved as new members of IGLYO, including four specifically focused on trans and intersex rights. IGLYO’s Chairs and Board Members presented later the GA regulations, the Activity report, the Communications Report and the Financial Report for the year 2015. Delegates were also introduced with the work plan and budget for the year 2016.

The presentation was followed by the GA Task Force Report and the Statutory Amendments to be discussed with members. The GA Task Force was composed by Kimon Panagiotopoulos, Fran Cowling, Luisa Tolu and led by IGLYO’s Board member Eirik Rise. The regulations of the GA Task Force outlined the running of the General Assembly and covered everything from speaking and voting rights to proposals and elections.

Generally speaking at the General Assembly, members can express their voices in several ways. One way is by submitting motions and/or changes to the agenda. This year three motions were submitted by IGLYO’s Board and one by IGLYO’s member organisation RFSL Ungdom. This last one proposed a motion in order to create a nomination committee aimed at evaluating how the board is functioning during the year. This last motion did not pass the voting, though the three Board’s motions did. These included adding the “I” of intersex to the title and vision of IGLYO as an organisation (now IGLYO is officially an LGBTQI organization!), the dissolution of the old Dutch association IGLYO and finally the adoption of the position papers by the General Assembly competencies.

Among the position papers proposed at this General Assembly, the position paper on intersectionality was approved in plenary by the General Assembly. On the other hand, the position paper on norm criticism was presented to member organizations and discussed and amended by delegates. The following day, the Editing Committee proposed a new version of the position paper including the amendments suggested by delegates during the previous day.

After dinner, a Board Candidate Coffee was hosted in the venue of the Association ACCEPT. The event was created with the goal to provide member organizations’ delegates with more direct and informal meetings with the candidates running for the Board. The delegates were divided into small groups: each group had eight minutes of time to ask a candidate questions about the candidate’s motivations to apply for the board, the candidate’s competencies and skills for the position and about the fresh and new initiatives the candidate would like to introduce in the mainstream of his/her/their work at IGLYO.

The following day was a day in which many decisions were taken. It was voted again on the new version of the norm criticism position paper and on IGLYO statutes and documents.

However the exciting part of the day came when Board and FCC candidates for the mandate 2016-2017 and Host Organisations candidates for the next IGLYO AMC 2016, were asked to do their official speeches to the delegates.

Applications for the Board and the FCC consist in another tool through which member organizations can shape the work of IGLYO for the following two years. This year, four vacancies were available inside the board and two inside the Financial Control Committee.

Eight were the candidates applying for the Board, five those for the FCC and two were the organizations that applied to host together next IGLYO General Assembly.

After the very passionate and charismatic speeches delivered by candidates, the voting finally happened. Gender Liberation and We Are – The University of Malta LGBT Society were officially elected as host of IGLYO Annual Members’ Conference 2016.

The following candidates were instead elected to IGLYO’s Board for 2016-2017:


Kyveli-George Papadimitriou, nominated by Color Youth (Greece)

Ksenija Joksimovic, nominated by We Are-LGBTQI Youth & Student Organisation (Malta)

Elin Lilijenbladh, nominated by RFSL Ungdom (Sweden)

Jensen Byrne, nominated by Dundalk Outcomers (Ireland)


Finally, the following candidates were elected for IGLYO’s FCC (Financial Control Committee) for 2016-2017:


Erjon Tela, nominated by Pro LGBT (Albania)

Cristoph Alms, nominated by Jugendenetzwerk Lambda (Germany)


The last day of IGLYO AMC15 ended with some night celebrations taking place in an independent publishing house and bar. It was too soon time for goodbyes and many many hugs. Fortunately an exciting thought was kicking out the sadness of the moment… Malta, 2016!


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