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IGLYO, as the biggest network of LGBTQI youth and student organizations in Europe, is dedicated to building the capacity of its member organizations and young activists in the field of combating discrimination for recognition and appreciation of human rights. In order to be able to better respond to the learning needs of its member organisations and any interested institutions, IGLYO has set up a brand new training team. This team is made up of five experienced and enthusiastic professionals and activists from all over Europe.

The Training Team is equipped with a very diverse range of skills, ready to provide training (from basic LGBTQI topics to more advanced skill building, such as strategic planning and organisational development diagnostics). Some of the topics we are covering are intersectionality, norm criticism, campaigning, public speaking, training design and delivery, project design and management, etc.

We are here to support, help, facilitate, discuss, talk, perform, charm – regardless if you are a grassroots organisation, informal group, a network, a team of professionals or a big and well-established organisation. Give us a challenge, we’re eager to take it!

To contact the Training Team, please email IGLYO’s Programme Manager

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