Executive Board

Consisting of a dynamic and dedicated team of young volunteers aged between 18-30 years old from across the Council of Europe Region, the Executive Board is the elected leadership of the IGLYO network. Board Members are mandated for two years by the organisation’s General Assembly to oversee the governance of the organisation, represent our membership, and lead and contribute to the strategic direction of our network in collaboration with the Secretariat.

Toryn Glavin (she)

Co-Chair (2020 – 2022), Ireland

Ralu Baciu (he/they)

Co-Chair (2021 – 2023), Romania

Natalia Kalio (she/they)

Board Member (2021 – 2023), Finland

Quinn Arijs (they/them)

Board Member (2022), Belgium

Spyros Boviatsis (he/him)

Board Member (2022), Greece

Ophélie Masson (she/her)

Board Member (2022), France

Aida Marukyan (she/her)

Board Member (2022), Armenia

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