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Second Day, AMC15: Membership Consultation and Capacity Building Workshops

For the second day of IGLYO Annual Members Conference, all IGLYO members were under the spotlights! The day was fully dedicated to IGLYO member organisations, from capacity building workshops happening throughout the day to consultations on the most pressing needs in the current LGBTQ agenda of IGLYO’s members. The day started with an introduction to […]

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AMC15, First Day – Conference “Intolerance and Discrimination in Eastern Europe: the Plight of LGBTQI Youth”

  Today, was the first day of IGLYO Annual Members’ Conference 2015, taking place in Bucharest, Romania, from the 12th to the 15th of November. The Conference was hosted in the beautiful Czech Center, in the heart of Bucharest, and was organized by IGLYO and the local member organization Association ACCEPT. The day started with […]

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