July 13, 2015

Study session on LGBTQ youth and homelessness: Call for Applications



Social Exclusion of LGBTQ Young People and Homelessness

Call for Participants

 IGLYO is delighted to invite you to participate in the study session “DOWN & OUT: Social Exclusion of LGBTQ Young People and Homelessness”. The study session will be held at the European Youth Centre, Budapest, Hungary, from 25 October to 31 October 2015 (inclusive of travel), in partnership with the European Federation of National Organisations Working with the Homeless (FEANTSA).

The study session is supported by the Council of Europe.

Deadline for applications: 3 August 2015, 23:59 CET

Study session objectives

Multiple research studies have shown that a disproportionate percent of homeless youth identify as LGBTQ, in the USA, Canada and the UK. At the same time, homeless LGBTQ young people find themselves at an increased risk of violence, discrimination, mental and physical health problems and substance abuse. While specific services and interventions have begun to address this issue in some parts of the world, there is a lack of research and attention given to homeless LGBTQ youth in many European countries.

 IGLYO has been working on the topic of social inclusion and the intersection of LGBTQ identities and socioeconomic status. The study session will integrate IGLYO’s previous work in an event focusing on a particular aspect of social inclusion that has until now received little attention at the pan-European level.

 The aim of the study session is to equip participants with knowledge, skills and tools to address the risks and consequences of homelessness and lower socioeconomic status affecting LGBTQ youth.

 Specifically, the learning objectives are:

·   To develop understanding of homelessness and lower socioeconomic status, and how they are impacted by sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression;

·   To share ideas and experiences on working with youth affected by homelessness and lower socioeconomic status;

·   To improve participants’ capacity to address the needs of LGBTQ youth affected by homelessness and low socioeconomic status (through advocacy, services, empowerment, educating providers, and other intervention);

·      To develop steps to apply learning to participants’ work and local contexts.

Participant profile

The ideal participant:

Considering the topic, IGLYO would like to encourage organisations to increase their efforts to delegate people with lower socioeconomic status and/or who have experienced homelessness. IGLYO encourages applicants from all ethnic, cultural, and migrant backgrounds to apply, as well as all socio-economic situations, and all sexual orientations and gender identities and expressions. Every accommodation possible will be made to welcome people regardless of (dis)abilities.

Participant selection process

The preparatory team will review all complete applications. Participants will be selected based upon the motivation they express and on how well they meet the criteria of the ideal participant profile above.

Successful applicants will be notified by email, so please make sure to check the spam/junk email folder around the date of 28 August.

 Interested candidates can apply by filling the online application form. DEADLINE for applications: 3 August 2015, 23:59 CET

 Costs and practical arrangements

All accommodation and food will be provided by the European Youth Center, in shared rooms. Travel expenses and visa costs will be reimbursed. Reimbursement will take place after presenting the receipts, tickets, etc. within an identified timeframe. If this is a barrier to your participation, IGLYO may be able to arrange your travel.

A participation fee of EURO 50 will be deducted from the reimbursement.

Arrivals are expected during the day of 25 October, departures on 31 October.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the prep team at nastya.megid@gmail.com and tudor@iglyo.com. Please include both emails in your correspondence.

 Study Session Online Application Form: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/PR9VWFD

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