May 13, 2015

Study Session: Call for Preparatory Team Members


“Down & Out: Social exclusion of LGBTQ young people and homelessness”

Study session “Down & Out: Social exclusion of LGBTQ young people and homelessness”
Location: Budapest, Hungary
Preparatory meetings: 2-5 July 2015, Budapest, Hungary (2, 5 are travel days)
The event: 26-30 October, Budapest, Hungary

Deadline for applications: 25 May

IGLYO is proud to announce a call for two prep team members of the study session “Down & Out: Social exclusion of LGBTQ young people and homelessness”. The event is kindly supported by the Council of Europe.

The study session will explore how sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression relate to social exclusion, especially with regard to access to the labour market and to homelessness. Multiple research studies repeatedly show that LGBTQ youth are at an increased risk of being homeless. More specifically, the objectives will be:

• To gain knowledge of social exclusion and the mechanisms resulting in homelessness;
• To understand how sexual orientation, gender identity and expression can result in social exclusion;
• To explore the stigma related to lower socioeconomic status and homelessness within the LGBTQ movement;
• To strategize ways to promote access to the labour market and prevent homelessness in national contexts;
• To share experiences from across the pan-European region in LGBTQ activism and the prevention of homelessness.

Study Session Methodology

The program will be developed by the preparatory team and it will be mostly based on non-formal educational methods, experiential and learner-centered. Some expert-delivered formal sessions will be part of the program, as well.

We have opened this call for two preparatory team members to help plan, organize and facilitate this event. The team will also be made up by two IGLYO Board members, a Council of Europe designated trainer and will be supported by the IGLYO Secretariat.

The preparatory team has the following responsibilities:
• Contribute to reaching the objectives of the study session by working together to design and plan the content and the delivery of the program and the sessions;
• Select participants on the basis of the given selection criteria;
• Coordinate the running of the event with the rest of the team;
• Ensure a good cohesion and flow among different program elements;
• Attending the full duration of the prep team meetings and study session;
• Help write the conference report and evaluation;

Prep Team Member profile

Prep Team Members will be:
1. Fluent in English, the session working language;
2. Between 18 and 30 years of age on 30 October 2015;
3. Experienced in working with LGBTQ youth;
4. Ideally have some experience in working with people of lower socio-economic status, or with homeless people;
5. Experienced in leading non-formal education workshops and activities and be a confident facilitator;
6. Available to attend the full duration of the events (see above);
7. Responsive and available for a high volume of teamwork before and after the event, mostly by email and over Skype;
8. Motivated to work in a stimulating, challenging and fun environment of young queer people!

Applicants should be from a Council of Europe member country and, as the timing is rather short, already have all the necessary travel documentation to be able to travel to Hungary.

Candidates will be selected based on geographical balance, gender balance, and a good reflection of the LGBTQ diversity. All related expenses including travel, accommodation and subsistence will be covered.

Interested candidates can apply by completing the application form here.

Please note that applications received after the set deadline will not be considered. The preparatory team members will be selected by the IGLYO Executive Board. Successful candidates will be notified by 2 June.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact

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