November 11, 2010

Statement supporting the opposition of the neo-fascist march in Warsaw


The Board of IGLYO would like to express its deep concern about the November 11 march of neo-fascists and nationalists in Warsaw. We would like to offer our staunch support to organizations and individuals that strongly oppose the growing neo-fascist movement in Europe. Below you can find a letter of support from the Board of IGLYO which was issued this morning.

Dear friends and members of UNITED and Nigdy Wiecej,

The Board of the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Youth and Student Organization (IGLYO) strongly condemns the November 11 march of neo-fascists nationalists on the streets of Warsaw. We support the attempts of individuals and organizations to block this march and we believe the growing national and xenophobic movement must be stopped.

We are deeply concerned about the attempts of neo-fascists and nationalists to stir up race hate and xenophobia. Nationalism and fascism are a serious threat that might weaken society and lead into war and adding new bloody pages to the history of humanity. Like Hitler’s Nazi ideas targeted Jews in the 1930s, the bigotry of the neo-fascists and nationalists may be directed against other ethnic, racial, geographic, religious and cultural groups, LGBTQI people, children, youth, elderly people and just anyone who does not “fit into” fascist and Nazi ideas.

As a voice of LGBTQ youth and students, IGLYO affirms and supports the values of unity, equality, non-discrimination and diversity. Any attempt to weaken society and promote racism should be opposed. We stand ready to support organizations and individuals who combine efforts to combat neo-fascism and nationalism. Bigotry and prejudice should never ever weaken multicultural, multi-racial and multi-religious communities.

On behalf of the IGLYO Board,

Zara Shushanyan

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