May 12, 2015

Say hello to Elene, our new board member!


IGLYO is excited to announce Elene Sonya Chumburidze as a new board member. Elene has been co-opted onto the IGLYO board following the resignation of George K Charonis from the Executive Board. Elene’s mandate runs until December 31st 2015.

Elene said “Being an IGLYO Board Member is a massive opportunity for me to not only interact, share and expand experiences with my fellow team members and member organization representatives, but also a hugely important platform, from where I can advocate for LGBTQ+ Youth more efficiently and helping them have their voices heard in a more global context. I am thrilled and excited to start my mandate and have a blast!”

Elene brings with her lots of experience which she has gained from LGBTQI+ activism in Georgia as well as involvement in international youth networks. For the past 4 years she’s been involved with many of the LGBT and Women’s organisations in Georgia as well as international youth networks advocating for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, women empowerment and inclusion of LGBT+ youth in the decision making processes.

The IGLYO Executive Board would like to thank George for his dedication to the work of IGLYO, and specifically for his work on education over the past year and a half.

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