July 30, 2019

Rest in Power Yelena Grigorieva!


Russian LGBTQI activist Yelena Grigorieva was brutally killed on 21 July 2019. Her name was on a list made by a homophobic organisation that was threatening LGBTQI people. She received several threats, but the police failed to take action. Yelena was a fierce activist, involved in many street actions and protests, standing up for the rights of marginalised and vulnerable groups, and against the military. While it is still unknown if she was killed by an individual or individuals linked to the homophobic organisation, the police are not treating her murder as a hate crime.

Venya Werther, who knew Yelena through their activism said, “Yelena was a kind and warm-hearted person, addressing her friends as brothers and sisters. She was at every protest I attended, willing to take any action needed to fight for the causes she believed in, including arrest.”

IGLYO expresses solidarity with the Russian LGBTQI community during this difficult time.

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