IGLYO Memories 2015

IGLYO Memories 2015

A lot happened between our 2014 General Assembly and 30th Anniversary Conference in Dublin in 2014 and 2015.

In 2015, we continued to focus our work on the three areas of Intersectionality, Social Inclusion and Education, and further represented LGBTQI youth at European and International events.

Our network grew to a number of 94 Member organisations.

In April 2015, Mina Tolu was elected to the Advisory Council on Youth for the 2016-2017  mandate, and IGLYO therefore continued to voice the concerns of LGBTQI youth and students at the Council of Europe.  

We attended many advocacy meetings and amplified the voice of LGBTQI youth in many places such as the Council of Europe Advisory Council on Youth, LGBT Leaders Conference, International IDAHOT Forum, EuroPride, ILGA-Europe Annual Conference, and many others.

We developed various resource tool kits to facilitate clarity in methodology of application for activists to use to achieve goals in various disciplines.

Our Guidelines for Inclusive Education, first released in 2006, were updated in a second version in 2015with new perspectives added in. The second version is a joint effort of IGLYO with our partner OBESSU, and it has been developed starting from the first guidelines by 35 young people from both organisations who gathered for a study session in Budapest in 2014, called Standing together: action and advocacy against bullying.

To complement the updated Inclusive Guidelines for Education, we developed a new resource, Teacher’s Guide to Inclusive Education, specifically focusing on teachers, with a range of advice, guidance and practical activities to promote inclusion through their teaching.

The Norm Criticism Toolkit was developed by the Taskforce created in the summer of 2015 following an intense conference on the same topic. The toolkit gives an insight into this innovative method and gives participants the critical tools needed to create changes in their organisations and in their activism.

We also released a call for Intersectionality research in the second quarter of 2015. A researcher was selected and is working on finding best practices of including intersectional identities in our member organisations. 

At the end of October we organised in partnership with European Federation of National Organisations Working with the Homeless (FEANTSA) the study session called “DOWN & OUT: Social Exclusion of LGBTQ Young People and Homelessness”.

The aim of the study session was to equip participants with knowledge, skills and tools to address the risks and consequences of homelessness and lower socioeconomic status affecting LGBTQ youth.

The Annual Members Conference took place from the 13-15 November 2015 in Bucharest, Romania.

The Board welcomed 4 new Board members – Kyveli-George Papadimitriou, Ksenija-Joksimovic, Elin Lilijenbladh and Jensen Byrne.

In 2015 we finally started to use a new online Membership Portal – Wild Apricot. This was not only to help keep evidence of all members but also to contribute to a better collection of membership fees. The system also gave members the possibility of keeping track of their status as a member and register for events such as the Annual Members Conference.

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