IGLYO Memories 2014

IGLYO Memories 2014

The year of 2014 was marked with a focus on intersectionality and norm-criticism, as well as a considerable growth of our Membership.

Our annual themes on Education, Intersectionality and Social Inclusion led to the production of resources and capacity-building events aimed at increasing the knowledge and skill sets of our members, as well as activists working on LGBTQI youth and student issues.  

As the only specific  human rights organisation elected to the Council of Europe Advisory Council on Youth, we played an important role in the continuing education of and advocacy for marginalised groups.  

In cooperation with the European Trade Union Committee for Education (ETUCE), we produced a guide for teachers in schools across Europe, aimed at increasing their capacity to foster an inclusive learning environment: Minimum Stanards on tackling Homophobic and Transphobic Bullying. This document clearly provided guidelines for policy-makers, schools, universities and our Member Organisations on working towards a positive and safe environment. 

We also issued a toolkit on Intersectionality — a practical guide for both individual activists and organisations to learn more about Intersectionality and its principles, and to provide a selection of activities to explore practice around inclusiveness.

In partnership with Arcigay, we gathered over 40 activists and organisations in Bologna, Italy, exploring specific themes of socio-economic status, gender (dis)ability, race and ethnic identities activism. 

We also issued a Position Paper on Social inclusion. Our aim for the theme of Social Inclusion was to take priority within our work in 2015.

Throughout 2014, we represented the views of LGBTQI youth at a range of global events, including active participation in the European Youth Forum, the Fundamental Rights Platform, World Youth Conference, UNAIDS, the International Forum, Euro/Pride, ILGA, and the Council of Europe Advisory Council on Youth.

We held the General Assembly and 30th anniversary conference in Dublin, Ireland in November. The conference brought together almost 100 activists over the week. 

We welcomed 4 new Board Members – Ugla Stefanía Jónsdóttir, Joshua  McCormick, Daniela Prisacariu and Nitin Sood – who joined the rest of IGLYO Board – Eirik Rise, Mina Tolu and Orlaith Hendron.

We also wished a fond farewell to Jordan Long, who had for more than three years worked as IGLYO’S Programmes and Policy Officer. Jordan worked diligently improving and developing fantastic programmes for members and LGBTQI activists lobbying on policies for LGTBQI youth, and developing strong community ties between organisations and institutions.

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