IGLYO memories 2009


At the start of 2009, the Board consisted of:

Augustas Cicelis (Lithuania, Treasurer)
Bruno Selun (France, Secretary)
Claire Anderson (UK, Policy Officer)
Lucy Nowottnick/Chebout (Germany, Co-Chairperson)
Nanna Moe (Denmark, Communication Officer)
Simon Maljevac (Slovenia, Co-Chairperson)

All were elected at the General Meeting of Members, in Málaga, Spain, December 2007. Ilke Jaspers resigned in September 2008.

Lucy Nowottnick chose to resign in May 2009, and the Board appointed Simon Maljevac as its Chairperson. Following this, the Board sent out a call to elect two new Board members to join the team for the remainder of 2009. Assuming this would increase the chance that some of the board members would be re-elected for the next board, the existing board hoped to ensure a smooth transition. After the open call to member organisations, Lucy Brookes (NUS, UK) and Bogdan Mihai Istrate (ACCEPT, Romania) joined the Board. However, Istrate chose to resign in October 2009 because of heavy workload in his organisation.

At the General Assembly in December 2009 in Edinburgh, Scotland, a new Board was elected, as were new members of the Financial Control Committee and the Advisory Committee.

Elected board members:
Alex Müller, Germany
Esther Paterson, Scotland
Jasmina Munteanu, Sweden
Lucy Brookes, United Kingdom
Luis Moreira, Spain
Olena/Seo Shevchenko, Ukraine
Zara Shushanian, Armenia

The elected Financial Control Committee:
Felix König, RFSL Ungdom, Sweden
Bart Picket, Lambda Warszawa, Poland

The Advisory committee from December 2009:
Augustas Cicelis, Board 2008-2009
Bruno Selun, Board 2006-2009

In 2009, Virginija Prasmickaite, the office administrator hired in 2008, continued to run IGLYO’s office in Brussels ensuring all the documents were in order and that reports to the donors were done in accordance with the contracts.

In the Netherlands, IGLYO partnered with COC Netherlands which decided to apply for an EVS (European Voluntary Service) placement. Daniel Winstanley (UK) was selected and he joined COC Netherlands for a year, working as a coordinator on IGLYO’s World LGBTQ youth conference “This is who we are”. The conference took place in July 2009 in Amsterdam. Daniel stayed with IGLYO/COC as an EVS volunteer from September 2008 until August 2009.

In 2009, IGLYO received it structural funding from the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Education and Culture, the Dutch Government, and the Council of Europe. Events that took place during 2009 were organised with the support of other donors, listed in the Events section.

I Am Here – Intercultural and Ethnic Diversity within LGBTQ Youth Communities

From 22 February – 1 March 2009, IGLYO organised a study session with the theme I Am Here – Intercultural and Ethnic Diversity within LGBTQ Youth Communities in the European Youth Centre, Strasbourg, France. The aim of the study session was to promote dialogue among LGBTQ youth of all cultural backgrounds in order to develop strategies to identify and combat racism and xenophobia. The main issues discussed were racism, privilege, power dynamics, and the manifestation of power structures. Multiple forms of discrimination among intersectional identities were also acknowledged as important issues to the community. The target group of, and participants in, these discussions were LGBTQ youth activists and straight allies.

IGLYO 25th Anniversary

In celebration of its 25th Anniversary, IGLYO held a week long series of events in Amsterdam from 20-24 July 2009. The events were hosted by COC Amsterdam. A reunion of previous activists kicked off the week culminating in an Intergenerational Workshop, as well as a partner workshop. After the reunion , IGLYO hosted a global conference called This is Who We Are, with various interactions with the local Amsterdam community.

Reunion weekend

The Sunday before the main conference saw twenty young conference participants join twenty former IGLYO activists, some of whom had contributed to the founding of IGLYO in the early 1980s. Activists from all different generations of IGLYO were present. The past IGLYO activists and younger intergenerational dialogue workshop attendees were joined by the remaining conference participants on the evening of Sunday 19th July, for a party to celebrate IGLYO’s 25th birthday.

Partner workshop

On Sunday 19th July, the weekend before the main conference, IGLYO’s partner organizations were invited to a workshop. At this workshop, former, present and future partners of IGLYO engaged in dialogue. Representatives in attendance included those from ILGA-Europe and the European Youth Forum. The discussion focussed on the possibility of collaborations in the future.

Conference: This is Who We Are

Using the Yogyakarta Principles, the conference gathered over 80 LGBTQ young activists from five continents to share international practices of LGBTQ youth activism. IGLYO worked in partnership with the Youth Coalition for Sexual and Reproductive Rights to plan and implement the conference programme.

Geographical and cultural diversity among participants was a key factor in the global dimension of this event. 44 different countries were represented by participants, 29 of which were from the ‘Global South’.

The content was prepared by an international prep-team which collaborated together with international partner Youth Coalition to form a group with members from Mexico, Sierra Leone, UK, Lebanon, USA and Lithuania. The vision of the conference was to identify the best LGBTQ practices using the Yogyakarta Principles by youth and students from all over the world.

The event required extensive fundraising in order to gather together the international participants for the conference. IGLYO managed to receive funding from various donors such as the Ford Foundation and HIVOS. The Reunion Weekend was funded by ILGA-Europe (for the inter generational dialogue workshop) and GayRomeo. The World Outgames 2009 secretariat was helpful in raising the funds needed for twenty international participants from the This is Who We Are conference to attend the LGBT Human Rights Conference in Copenhagen in August 2009. The Dutch based Trut Foundation helped fund conference materials.

Exhibition Faces of IGLYO

During the conference, Alex Müller created portraits of participants in an exhibition entitled “Faces of IGLYO”. From the jubilee conference in Amsterdam, the exhibition traveled on to the World Outgames 2009 in Copenhagen, where it was exhibited on occasion of the International Conference on LGBT Human Rights at the IT University. It has since started its journey through Scandinavia and continues to travel. The exhibition can also be visited online here.

Memories website

On the occasion of the organisation’s 25th anniversary this website was developed and launched in November. The website provides an overview of activities undertaken in the 25 years of IGLYO’s existence. Volunteers researched the archives and collected materials from former members.

IGLYO General Assembly 2009

In December 2009, the biennal IGLYO General Assembly took place in Edinburgh, Scotland from the 10th to the 12th December. The event was co-organised with IGLYO’s Scottish member organisation LGBT Youth Scotland; 40 delegates and organisations were present. The opening took place at the Scottish Government, and the remainder of the General Assembly took place at The Melting Pot and the Edinburgh University Student Union. On the same day of the opening, IGLYO organised a demonstration in central Edinburgh in connection with Human Rights Day. Participants held signs stating ”Respect Freedom of Assembly of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people”, distributed leaflets, and lit candles.

The General Assembly examined internal documents (such as a membership reform paper, and an educational policy paper), amended the IGLYO Statutes officially transferring the organisation from the Netherlands, where it was founded 25 years ago, to Belgium. The meeting also elected new leaders for 2010-2011 (see Persons).

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