Bring Everyone In

We would like to encourage everyone, individually and organisationally, to open yourself to our diversity!


Bring Everyone In – Increasing the visibility and participation of ethnic diversity within the LGBTQI youth movement

In the last few years, IGLYO has had repeated signals that the LGBTQI youth movement and its own membership composition do not accurately reflect the ethnic diversity of its constituency. The recent migration and refugee crisis within Europe and the anticipated nationalistic discourse reactions also point to the need for the LGBTQI movement to work more intersectionally.

We would like to contribute to increasing the visibility, participation and leadership of young LGBTQI people of diverse ethnic identities, to combating racism and ethnic discrimination within the LGBTQI community and to combating LGBTQI stigma within migrant communities

We came together, many of us, to a conference, an educational opportunity for 30 LGBTQI activists with varying experience in ethnic diversity and  we gained knowledge, motivation and skills to work towards increased diversity and inclusion in and of our organisations/communities.



This campaign was produced thanks to the following people:

  • Rasika Uplekar, member of the Ethnic Identities Conference preparatory team, who came up with the campaign concept and supervised its execution
  • the preparatory team at the conference
  • our wonderful conference participants
  • our photographer and designer, Alex

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