May 12, 2015

Report and resources: IGLYO's Capacity Building Seminar on Organisational Development




On 18-19 April 2105, IGLYO organized a capacity building seminar aimed at equipping participants with knowledge, skills and attitudes which would enable them to respond to various organizational development needs. Twelve representatives of newly established or emerging LGBTQ organisations from a diverse range of countries (Western, Eastern and Central Europe) were invited, and ten people attended.

The goal of the seminar was to increase the capacity of participating organisations to:

The participants responded to a detailed needs assessment questionnaire before the seminar.

  The information was analysed and led towards the content of the seminar being designed and structured in three major areas:

  1. Evidence-based project planning: the logical framework approach, the logical framework matrix; basic elements of the community-based social marketing approach.
  2. Concepts and principles of motivation and involvement; how to target and involve the LGBTQ community.
  3. Peer learning and sharing of good practices.

For more details regarding the content of the seminar, please consult the agenda and the session design documents.


The seminar was evaluated based on participants’ reviews. Here are the main findings:

The participants were asked to rate various indicators using the following scale:

Other comments: “such an amazing event, I really hope there will be more events like that; very useful, very educational; make more eventsJ; thank you for having such a useful and good quality information and having such positive energy! This will help me solve some issues in my NGO; I think that 1,5 day seminars are really useful; short breaks are also very important; groups of 10-15 people are optimal”

Next Steps/Follow Up

Following the conclusion of the seminar, the participants received continued support from IGLYO. A Follow Up Pack was sent by email, with support and information materials on the following topics:

Additionally, participants will be invited to attend a webinar organized by IGLYO. The webinar will serve as a test-session for an online-based low cost educational initiative focused on increasing the capacity of IGLYO’s member organisations. The participants will be part of a focus group to discuss the optimal ways to conduct the series of webinars.





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