May 28, 2015

Positive Steps Beyond (Norm) Criticism Conference – Day 2 Report


In the second day of “Positive Steps Beyond Norms Criticism” conference, the floor was opened up with some moments of reflections shared among the participants of each home group on the activities of the day before. The home group represents a moment outside the plenary session, which provides participants with a safe and more private space to share their thoughts with their group leader and the other members of the group. What followed later were two meetings conducted by Samuel and Kaj, speakers and special guests invited to the conference. During the first presentation, Samuel from RSFL, analyzed in depth the relation between HIV prevention campaigns and norm-critical messages behind them. In the second meeting, Kaj from Çavaria, presented the best tools to raise awareness on gender issues and break the relative norms in the school system. In the afternoon, things moved to activities aimed at better dealing with the practice of norm breaking. Case scenarios were given to participants in order to simulate how their organizations would have faced specific issues by adopting a norm-critical approach. The day ended with many ideas, plans and initiatives ready to be even further explored in the next days!

Gianmarco, Arcigay Salento, Italy:
It’s only the second day and there is still so much to do! I already faced some topics I was unaware of, in particular the reflection of our own privileges was particularly stimulating. Plus, I met a lot of fascinating people with who I hope I will be in contact again in the future for networking and potential partnerships.

Ana, LEGEBITRA/TransAkcija, Slovenia:
The HIV Prevention presentation by Samuel from RFSL was very impressive. It was really helpful to see those ads, to get new information and approaches. Also, I enjoyed the last exercise about intersectional approaches to specific situations, each group got really in depth each case. The fact that each group came out with so many amazing ideas, was really telling of how much participants already thought about these complex issues. I also loved Ugla’s sparkly outfit!

Aleksander, LGBT Youth, Denmark
I really enjoyed Çavaria’s presentation! Since I am working on norm-critical education at my organization, the presentation was really useful for my work in Denmark.


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