Support LGBTQI People in Ukraine and Neighbouring Countries

Supporting our Siblings in Ukraine: List of Resources

IGLYO is in contact with organisations working in Ukraine and nearby countries. Organisations are working hard to coordinate safe houses, evacuations, shelters, food and support for LGBTIQ people in Ukraine and those fleeing violence.

The safety of LGBTQI people, especially youth, is strongly threatened by the ongoing armed conflict because the latter exacerbates their intersectional vulnerabilities.

Here are organisations you can help by supporting their fundraisers. If you cannot donate, please consider sharing this page, or the page of the organisations listed.

Directly giving to organisations working on the ground is the best way you can help LGBTQI people in the region.

Organisations in Ukraine

Alliance Global

Building a shelter in Kyiv for men who have sex with men and trans people who are unable to leave the city

Please contact us for bank details to make a donation.

Gay Alliance

Arranging a safe transport route, dissemination of emergency food and medicine packages.


Gender Z

Based in Zaporizhzhia, they are supporting members who need emergency assistance and humanitarian aid.


Insight LGBTQ

Providing temporary housing, relocation to safer areas, food and medicine.


Kyiv Pride

Connecting LGBTQI people who need settlement and transportation



They are a member organisation of the Sex Workers’ Rights Advocacy Network (SWAN) and are in need of support.

Please contact us for bank details to make a donation.

NGO Fulcrum

Supporting evacuation, relocation, shelter and emergency aid to LGBTQI people



Based in Kharkiv, Sphere works closely with the queer community and young people.The organisation is actively engaged in queer organising in the region and across Ukraine.



Peer support spaces and services for young people living with HIV in Ukraine.


Organisations in Poland

Lambda Warszawa

The organisation provides temporary housing, psychological counselling, and general assistance to refugees arriving from Ukraine.


Fundacja Trans-Fuzja

Together with Lambda Warsaw, TranFuzja has established a shelter in Poland for Ukrainian LGBTIQ refugees in the country.


Biblioteka Azyl

Lublin-based LGBTQI community library Biblioteka Azyl assists Ukrainian LGBTQI refugees in relocating, finding queer-friendly accommodation, safe transportation, employment and medical care.


Organisations in Romania

ACCEPT Association

LGBTQI rights organization based in Bucharest/Romania providing coordination with regional and national organisations to provide information, counselling and direct support to queer refugees.
Please contact us for bank details to make a donation


Works on ensuring the safety of all the LGBTQI people who have crossed the border to Romania.


Organisations in Moldova

GENDERDOC – M Information Centre

LGBT+ organisation based in Moldova providing accommodation, meals, medical and psychological support to LGBT+ refugees from Ukraine. Hotline 24/7: +373 604 91200 (Telegram, WhatsApp, Signal, Viber)


Organisations in Armenia

Queer Sista Platform

Provides support to Russian and Ukrainian LGBTQI + people who moved to Armenia as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine: shelter, food, hygiene products, medication (including hormone supplements for people undergoing hormone therapy), and legal and psychological counseling.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact

Organisations in Austria

Austria – Afro Rainbow Austria (ARA)

ARA is helping queer Africans who are fleeing from and/or are stranded in Ukraine.


International organisations

Queer Svit

Provides consultations (including legal ones), financial aid and shelter Ukrainian and also Russian and Belarusian queer people, especially Black people and people of marginalised ethnicities as well, to relocate to safer countries.



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