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IGLYO Seeks Host for a Conference on Hate Crimes & Hate Speech

Application deadline:
18 June 2023
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Can you host?

Last year, in November 2022, we organised our LGBTQI Youth Health and Advocacy Conference in Zagreb, Croatia, in collaboration with our local Member kolekTIRV. The conference gathered 23 LGBTQI young activists from 17 European countries who improved their skills in advocating for the fulfilment of the right to health of LGBTQI young people.

We are now in the early stages of planning our next themed international conference, which will explore the topic of hate crimes and hate speech as they relate to LGBTQI young people. With this in mind, we are looking for an IGLYO Member to host the conference.

Are you the IGLYO Member host organisation we are looking for? Please read through the short call below and send us your application by 18 June 2023.

About the conference

The next IGLYO international conference is aimed to gather 20 LGBTQI youth activists from around the Council of Europe region for four days of discussion, strategising and preparing advocacy tools on the topic of hate crimes and hate speech. We are hoping that the conference will take place from 2-5 November 2023 — although we can be a bit flexible with dates, it needs to happen in early November 2023.

More specifically, these are the main objectives of the conference:

  • to facilitate informative, skills-building, relevant workshops delivered by young LGBTQI activists and other experts on the topics of hate crimes, hate speech and hate violence;
  • to provide a space for international, multicultural exchange and learning;
  • to collect and document the input and perspectives of a broad range of diverse youth on their experiences of hate speech, hate crimes and hate violence.

How will your organisation benefit?

The conference will be open to LGBTQI youth and student activists from across Europe, particularly from IGLYO Member Organisations. This will provide you, as the host organisation, a unique opportunity to raise your profile amongst other IGLYO Members and partner organisations, while raising your organisational competence on advocacy and hate crimes and hate speech.

There will also be opportunities throughout the conference for your organisation to demonstrate the work you are doing and share best practices. And your staff and volunteers will be welcome to attend the event.

What does IGLYO expect from the host?

The role of the host organisation will be to lead the logistical organisation on the ground, such as sourcing a venue, accommodation and liaising with local partners. Additionally, you are welcome to be part of planning the programme and the content of the event, but if your capacity is limited, this is not a requirement. Needless to say that you will not be on your own and that we will be here to support and work with you throughout the event!

IGLYO will bring the majority of the funding, but it will be necessary to find co-funding to help cover the costs. We will therefore also need our host organisation to co-fund this event with us, amounting to €8,131. However, we are aware that this is a significant financial contribution, so if your organisation can’t fully meet this financial goal but you still have a strong motivation, please fill out the application form and we can explore possibilities to move forward together.

Host organisation’s profile

We're looking for a host organisation who:

  • Is a Member of IGLYO (see full list here);
  • Has the capacity to welcome 20 LGBTQI youth and student activists from across the Council of Europe member states;
  • Is motivated to spend the time and effort necessary to organise this event (i.e. regular contact by email, some online meetings, and one or two preparatory meetings held in the city of the activity);
  • Is able and has the resources to seek local and/or national funding for the event;
  • Has experience hosting international activities/conferences/large meetings and an understanding of the planning;
  • Is able to work in English.


If the information above has piqued your interest, please fill out the application form below by18 June 2023. If you have question, you can contact our Programmes Manager Viola at

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