IGLYO Conference on Health & Advocacy 2022

10-15 November 2022,
Zagreb, Croatia
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About the Conference

LGBTQI youth experience specific challenges when it comes to their health, as well as experiencing discrimination in accessing healthcare. There is a lack of protection for LGBTQI youth and pathologisation of trans, non-binary and intersex young people.

With this in mind, we carried out a conference in Zagreb, Croatia, on 10-15 November 2022 on the topic of Health and Advocacy, together with 23 LGBTQI young activists from 17 European countries. The conference was organised in partnership with our Member Organisation, kolekTIRV, an association for the promotion and protection of the rights of trans, intersex and gender variant (in Croatian trans, interspolnih i rodno varijantnih or TIRV) people.

With this conference, we built capacity among the participants to advocate for the fulfilment of the right to health of LGBTQI young people. Specifically, we aimed to equip them with knowledge, skills and proactive attitudes concerning their right to health, as well as providing them with a structured opportunity to build connections and motivation to become part of IGLYO's Youth Advocacy Group.

Want to relive the conference? You can check the full Agenda or dive into the pictures​!

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The Conference was co-organised by IGLYO and kolekTIRV, and funded by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.


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