May 17, 2016

On IDAHOT, IGLYO demands that global decision makers to stop hiding from the reality of homophobic and transphobic bullying within education


IGLYO, with support from UNESCO, and the governments of Norway and the Netherlands, has created a film and photo exhibition to highlight the difficult and often traumatic experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex (LGBTQI) young people in education settings. No More Hiding presents a global snapshot of homophobia ad transphobia, which remains a harsh reality for many students and young people. The range of personal accounts show that LGBTQI young people regularly have to hide who they are, to try and fit in with their peers and avoid physical and verbal intimidation, often with serious and long lasting consequences. Alex, a fourteen year old transgender man from Sweden says, ‘I used to hate myself for being trans and I’ve tried not to be. I shy away and try not to speak to not get attention’. Nora, who is 25 from the Middle East revealed that she still has ‘endless nightmares and suffers [from] depression.’


IGLYO Co Chair, Dani Prisacariu commented that ‘No More Hiding presents the faces and stories behind the research results. In a world where we are bombarded with facts and figures, it is important to remember the human impact. This collection of stories shows that too many LGBTQI students’ experience of education involves fear, secrecy and isolation. If we want all young people to reach their potential we need to ensure diversity and human rights are at the core of formal learning’


IGLYO Executive Co-ordinator- Euan Platt stated that ‘We already know many of the solutions to tackling homophobic and transphobic bullying, but we desperately need political leadership and adequate resources to translate this into a reality. No More Hiding is an uncomfortable reminder that we are still failing to create safe and supportive education environments for all students’.


Both the film and exhibition are being officially launched as part of UNESCO’s ‘International Ministerial Meeting on Education Sector Responses to Violence Based On Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in Education’. The event will also see the launch of new global research on the topic, which shows the extent of the problem. The full No More Hiding film and exhibition can be viewed here

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