June 2, 2015

Call for Norm Criticism Task Force Members



IGLYO is looking for motivated and enthusiastic LGBTQ activists to form a task force in order to develop and produce IGLYO’s Norm Criticism Toolkit and Norm Criticism Position Paper.


Norm-criticism is a very useful tool for understanding and beginning to challenge power structures in society, and for combatting the marginalisation of groups within society. It is a relatively new concept for the majority of IGLYO’s member organisations. Norm-criticism emerged as an approach based on queer pedagogy and one referential piece on norm criticism is Kevin Kumashiro’s Troubling Education, 2004. Organisations have employed norm-critical perspectives in educational activities to raise awareness of the privileges, power imbalances and exclusion that some norms create. IGLYO has considerable interest in examining applications of norm criticism in education and LGBTQ activism.

To this extent, IGLYO organized a conference on the topic of Norm-criticism, to increase the knowledge of the concept and exposure of its member organization to what it means applying it in LGBTQ activism.

Following the conference, a Norm Criticism task force will be established to prepare a toolkit and position paper on the topic. The position paper will articulate in clear terms IGLYO’s vision on norm criticism and the conference will also provide input towards the production of the Norm Criticism Toolkit, which will be available for use by interested people and institutions globally. Therefore, the members of the task force will have a unique opportunity to help IGLYO in creating a tool that can support organisations to make positive changes in their work by adopting norm-critical approaches.


The task force will develop the position paper and the Toolkit by assigning the task of writing each publication to the members of the task force. The members of the task force will coordinate and collaborate online and by phone and will write sections for the publications. The group will consist of three members recruited through this call, who will work together with the Program Officer in IGLYO’s Board and the Capacity Building Officer, part of IGLYO’s staff.


The tentative timeline is available below. Please note that some work will be required over the summer period (July & August). Interested applicants are requested to take this into account. This timeline is suggested primarily for the Toolkit. The Position Paper will be produced separately and will need to be completed by the end of August.



First online meeting

Mid-end June

Review of existing resources, assign tasks, plan

End June – end July

Second online meeting

End July

1st draft

Mid August

2nd draft

Mid September


End of year

 Application process 

For an application to be valid, you must meet the following criteria:

We are particularly interested in hearing from individuals who:

We welcome anyone to apply, and we especially encourage people from underrepresented groups, such as people with diverse ethnic background, people who identify out of the gender binary, and from a diverse range of countries.


If you are interested in applying please fill in the online application form available here.

The deadline is 18 June 2015.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Tudor, Capacity Building Officer, at tudor@iglyo.com.

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