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IGLYO is looking for a Consultant on LGBTQI Youth & Mental Health

August 14, 2023

Open Call for a Consultant or Consultancy Agency

Do you have demonstrated experience in conducting quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis with LGBTQI communities and/or other marginalised communities? Do you have a good understanding of the needs of LGBTQI youth, and proven record of incorporating an intersectional approach to your research methods?

We at IGLYO are looking for a consultant to design and implement research to explore LGBTQI young people’s views on mental health, covering topics such as suicide risk, anxiety and depression, the impact of external factors on mental health (current social environment, physical harm, discrimination), family acceptance or rejection, access to healthcare services, and access to other affirming spaces.

Interested? Read our full call and send your application by 15 September 2023 at 23:59 CEST.

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