Partnership Work

IGLYO believes that change happens through solidarity and partnerships, so is proud to work closely with many other organisations in the LGBTQI, youth, equalities and human rights sectors. The list below gives a glimpse of some of IGLYO’s partners but by no means all.

LGBTQI Partners


IGLYO has been a member of ILGA for many years and has a strong history of partnership work. Some recent examples include joint capacity building seminars on the topics of intersex activism (2015), norm-critical approaches in education (2014) and inclusive education (2013). IGLYO is also a regular contributor to ILGA Europe’s Annual Conference, running workshops on topics including LGBTQ families, intersectionality and education.

TGEU: Transgender Europe

IGLYO’s links with TGEU have existed for many years, but in 2015 we are pleased to become one of the organisation’s first European-wide members. Recently, TGEU contributed to IGLYO’s Roundtable on Genders and were a supporter of our #changeofheart online campaign.

OII Europe

IGLYO is delighted to have formed a new partnership with OII Europe in 2015. Two representatives from OII Europe played a crucial role in IGLYO & ILGA Europe’s capacity building seminar on intersex activism and will provide expert input at IGLYO’s study session on intersex children ad young people’s rights in 2016. You can watch IGLYO’s interviews with OII Europe here.

European Parliament LGBTI Intergroup

IGLYO regularly meets with the European Parliament’s LGBTI Intergroup. In 2014, IGLYO was hosted by the intergroup to launch its Impact of Homophobic & Transphobic Bullying Research in the parliament. You can find out more about the event here.


In 2014, IGLYO celebrated 30 years. Over this period much has changed, so working with IHLIA LGBT Heritage, formerly known as International Homo/Lesbian Information center and Archive (IHLIA), is very important for us. As Europe’s largest LGBTQI archive the organisation looks after much of IGLYO’s history.

Youth Partners

European Youth Forum (YFJ)

YFJ is one of the largest platforms for youth organisations in Europe and consists of National Youth Councils and International Non-Governmental Youth Organisations. As one of few organisations with a specifically human rights agenda, and the only one with an LGBTQ focus, IGLYO is an important part of YFJ’s membership, as IGLYO actively participates in YFJ’s Council of Members and other events to ensure that the needs of LGBTQ youth are taken into account in the Youth Forum’s work and policy documents.

The European Students’ Union (ESU)

ESU is an umbrella organisation of National Unions of Students across Europe. IGLYO has been working closely with ESU and is an associate member of the network.

The Organising Bureau of European School Student Unions (OBESSU)

Is a platform for cooperation between the national school student unions active in general secondary and secondary vocational education in Europe. OBESSU has been close ally of IGLYO in the struggle against bullying and for inclusive education. As an example of joint work is the Guidelines for an LGBTQ-Inclusive Education published  in 2014

Equalities & Human Rights Partners

Fundamental Rights Platform (FRP)

In January 2012, IGLYO became a member of the Fundamental Rights Platform, the civil society branch of the Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA). The FRA and FRP are institutions of the EU that are in charge of monitoring fundamental rights in the EU. IGLYO has worked closely with the FRA on its survey on homophobia and transphobia in Europe, a groundbreaking EU-wide survey to provide concrete data on LGBTQ rights.

European Network Against Racism (ENAR)

ENAR works throughout the EU on issues of race, ethnicity, religion, and belief. IGLYO has liaised with ENAR to increase our capacity on intercultural and inter-religious dialogue and multiple discrimination. Additionally, ENAR and IGLYO often have joint lobbying positions when advocating at the EU.

UNITED for Intercultural Action

Is a European network against nationalism, racism, fascism and in support of migrants and refugees. IGLYO and UNITED shares values such as intercultural communication, diversity and Human Rights.

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