Join IGLYO And Shape The Future Of LGBTQI Youth Activism!

Join the largest LGBTQI youth and student network in the world and shape the future of LGBTQI youth activism with more than 90 fellow member organisations in more than 40 European countries.

As a LGBTQI youth and student development organisation we work on:

  • Building the confidence, skills and experience of LGBTQI youth activists
  • Increasing the visibility and highlighting the diversity of LGBTQI youth identities ensuring their voices are heard by decision-makers
  • Making education safe and inclusive for all LGBTQI people
  • Creating a powerful collective of LGBTQI youth activists and organisations across Europe

Membership Eligibility

IGLYO’s membership is open to organisations whose work is in line with IGLYO’s aims, are based in a Council of Europe country and fit the following criteria:

  • Represents and/or supports LGBTQI youth and/or students.
  • Comprises mainly LGBTQI youth, works with LGBTQI youth or issues, or has a specific department working for/with youth
  • Has a minimum of five members.
  • Accepts IGLYO’s statutes, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (United Nations 1948) and the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms (Rome 1953).
  • Is registered in a Council of Europe member state (exceptions apply on the need for official registration).

Does your organisation fulfil the criteria? Then, do not wait and join the IGLYO family. Exciting opportunities and a European network of LGBTQI youth activists are waiting for you!


Membership Application

  • Apply now by filling it the form at the end of the page! It will be reviewed by the board in the next meeting. You will have news about the outcome no later than 4 months after submission.
  • If approved, you will be contacted in a period of 4 weeks after approval by the Executive Board so you can make the payment of the membership fee in the period of a month.
  • Once your payment is recorded you will be welcome to enjoy the benefits of your membership while waiting for ratification in the following Annual Members’ Conference.
  • Ratification is made by the General Assembly at the AMC (September/October). Your organisation is highly encouraged to send a delegate to the event!

Membership Application Form

Become a Friend

Application to become a member or a friend of IGLYO must:

  • Be submitted via the standard membership form (see below), signed by legal representative of organisation
  • Indicate acceptance of IGLYO’s statutes and aims listed in Article 4; The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (United Nations, 1948); The European Convention on Human Rights (Rome, 1953); and The Declaration of the Rights of the Child (United Nations, 1989);
  • Provide a description of organisation’s aims, regular activities and the composition of its membership, mentioning your specific focus on LGBTQI youth and/or student participation.

Any organisation relating to the IGLYO’s aims may apply to become a Friend of IGLYO. This is an option for organisations in countries that are outside of the Council of Europe, as well as non-memberships based organisations and others who do not want to become full members, as well as those who do not meet all of the membership criteria.

Friend of IGLYO application form

Member Benefits

Join the IGLYO family and benefit from

  • International networking
  • Trainings and events
  • Capacity building programmes
  • Online learning courses
  • Advocacy and research resources
  • Participation in decision-making processes to shape the future of IGLYO

For IGLYO members, all our activities are either free or have a small organisational contribution inclusive of travel, food and accommodation.

Our members have also priority of participation in our projects, are informed about any potential opportunities and are encouraged to use our communication channels to maximize their visibility.

Main events each year:

  • Annual Members Conference (AMC): As the largest event for LGBTQI youth in Europe, IGLYO’s AMC provides three days of networking opportunities, peer learning and support, capacity building workshops, priority setting discussions for our movement, as well as giving you the chance to shape the future work of the network and elect the board.
  • Activist Academy: An intensive skills-based training programme especially designed for LGBTQI youth at the start of their activist journey. It provides a perfect opportunity to build the skills of your members and volunteers and connect them with international peers.

Membership Fees

IGLYO asks all members to contribute to the running costs of the network. The fee structure is based on the principle of solidarity reducing fees for those organisations with lower incomes and increasing them to those with higher incomes.

You should select a membership level according to the total budget of your organisation in the previous year to joining IGLYO. All membership levels have access to the same benefits.

Fee structure

Red Membership
(Annual Income  €0 – €500): €5

Orange Membership
(Annual Income  €501 – €2.000): €15

Yellow Membership
(Annual Income €2.001 – €5.000): €25

Green Membership
(Annual Income  €5.001 – €10.000): €60

Blue Membership
(Annual Income  €10.001 – €50.000): €120

Indigo Membership
(Annual Income  €50.001 – €100.000): €175

Purple Membership
(Annual Income  €100.001 – €300.000): €250

Glitter Membership
(Annual Income  €300.001+): €350

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