Join IGLYO and help build a stronger LGBTQI youth network!

Any organisation relating to the IGLYO’s aims who are based in a Council of Europe Country can apply to become a full member of IGLYO. Organisations outside of Europe can apply to become a friend of IGLYO.

All membership admissions must be ratified by the delegates of the next Annual Members’ Conference, (previously referred to as the General Assembly). The Friends of IGLYO are not subjected to the annual membership fee and don’t have voting rights in the Annual Members’ Conference of members.

The applications will be reviewed by IGLYO within 4 months of submission.

Become a Member

You are eligible for full membership if your group/organisation:

  • Is an independent organisation or an integral part of another organisation.
  • Comprises mainly of LGBTQI youth.
  • Has a minimum of five members (staff, volunteers and/or participants).
  • Accepts the IGLYO statutes, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (United Nations 1948) and the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms (Rome 1953).
  • Is registered* in one of the Council of Europe member states (it can be either independent organisation or a part of a larger organisation).

*In case the organisation’s country of residence makes it difficult or impossible for youth and students and/or LGBTQI organisations to register officially, the Board of IGLYO may grant membership at its discretion, provided that all the above criteria are fulfilled.

Membership Application Form

Become a Friend

Application to become a member or a friend of IGLYO must:

  • Be submitted via the standard membership form (see below), signed by legal representative of organisation
  • Indicate acceptance of IGLYO’s statutes and aims listed in Article 4; The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (United Nations, 1948); The European Convention on Human Rights (Rome, 1953); and The Declaration of the Rights of the Child (United Nations, 1989);
  • Provide a description of organisation’s aims, regular activities and the composition of its membership, mentioning your specific focus on LGBTQI youth and/or student participation.

Any organisation relating to the IGLYO’s aims may apply to become a Friend of IGLYO. This is an option for organisations in countries that are outside of the Council of Europe, as well as non-memberships based organisations and others who do not want to become full members, as well as those who do not meet all of the membership criteria.

Friend of IGLYO application form

Member Benefits

With over 95 members from across Europe, IGLYO offers a wide range of benefits and opportunities to its network.

Capacity building

IGLYO provides a wide range of learning opportunities to its members with a packed programme of international trainings, conferences and study sessions. Using non-formal education and peer learning, these events aim to build the confidence, skills and experience of participants to become leaders within their organisations, communities and the European LGBTQI movement.

The power of connecting

One of the most valuable benefits of membership is the opportunity to meet other LGBTQI organisations and activists at events organised by IGLYO throughout the year. Whether you’re looking to exchange ideas, build project initiatives or find peers in your field, IGLYO connections have proven invaluable for many of our members. IGLYO members have priority when applying for IGLYO conferences and events. They can also subscribe to the IGLYO members discussion groups, where you can exchange information with other LGBTQI youth organisations from all around Europe.

Member resources

IGLYO members will receive any publications and print material that are developed through the course of the year. As a member, your organisation will have access to an online library relating to LGBTQI issues. This online database will help you find the information you need.

Lobbying and advocacy

As a Member of IGLYO, you will get to decide what issues we should prioritise in our lobbying and advocacy efforts, both at European institutions and with other platforms.

IGLYO is a full member of the European Youth Forum, through which it has directly access to policy making bodies in the Council of Europe and European Union institutions. IGLYO actively participates in Human Rights conferences regarding young people issues organised by bodies such as Council of Europe, Salto, Euromed, etc.

IGLYO is associated member of ESU (the National Unions of Students in Europe) and holds close contact with OBESSU (Organising Bureau for European Student Unions), in which it lobbies for the inclusion of LGBTQ issues in member organisation’s curricula.

IGLYO has regular contact with ILGA-Europe, with which it exchanges information and where possible lobbies together for common goals.

IGLYO has close contacts with the Intergroup of LGBTQ rights in the European Parliament.

Furthermore IGLYO has a network with numerous human rights organisations and political figures enabling IGLYO to actively distribute information, promote LGBTQ young people’s rights and exchange best practices.

Governance of the IGLYO network

Member organisations can take part in the General Assembly where IGLYO’s position on various policy topics are discussed and adopted. Members can propose and make changes to organisation’s core documents, such as statutes, internal regulations, work programme. Members can nominate candidates and elect the Executive Board, Financial Control Committee and Advisory Committee.

Members of IGLYO are also encouraged to contribute as much as possible to the IGLYO Network by taking these actions:

  • Appoint a person responsible for international affairs in your organisation;
  • Tell us about your organisation’s examples of good (and bad) practice, and especially of any experiences, information, or knowledge which would prove useful to other IGLYO member organisations;
  • Provide news stories on developments in your country for publication in the IGLYO newsletter and on the web site;
  • Support the development of IGLYO regional structures in your area;
  • Consider hosting an IGLYO conference; offer to run workshops on subjects where your organisation has particular experience or skills;
  • If you have a website, link it to

To learn more about ways you can get involved, share news, best practices, please contacts us.

Membership Fees

The fee structure was reviewed and approved by the membership at IGLYO’s Annual Members’ Conference 2017 to reduce fees for organisations with lower incomes and increase fees for organisations on higher incomes.

Fee structure

Red Membership
(Annual Income  €0 – €500): €5

Orange Membership
(Annual Income  €501 – €2.000): €15

Yellow Membership
(Annual Income €2.001 – €5.000): €25

Green Membership
(Annual Income  €5.001 – €10.000): €60

Blue Membership
(Annual Income  €10.001 – €50.000): €120

Indigo Membership
(Annual Income  €50.001 – €100.000): €175

Purple Membership
(Annual Income  €100.001 – €300.000): €250

Glitter Membership
(Annual Income  €300.001+): €350

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