February 21, 2019

LGBTQI Inclusive Education Survey – Call for Partners


In 2016, we started the LGBTQI Inclusive Education research project to assess the extent to which European countries were implementing policies to ensure education was inclusive of LGBTQI people. Among other findings, data collection was identified as one of the main areas for improvement in 41 countries. Most Council of Europe Member States fail to monitor the nature, prevalence and impact of violence at school on grounds of sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, and variations in sex characteristics.

IGLYO has designed the LGBTQI Youth Education Survey to highlight current experiences and lived realities of LGBTQI learners in each Council of Europe Member State. This data should help you in your advocacy work towards a more inclusive and safe education for all LGBTQI learners.

The aim of this survey is to document the experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex (LGBTQI) students in European schools and to raise awareness of these experiences among policymakers, educators, advocates, and the general public.



If your organisation is interested in participating in the LGBTQI Inclusive Education survey, you would need to engage in the following tasks:

The organisation will receive:

If you are interested in taking part in this project, just send us an email to education@iglyo.com by March 10, 2019 or contact us on our social media.



March 2019: Local translations

April 2019: Local dissemination design

May 2019: Survey official launch

Jun – Jul 2019: Data collection

September 2019: Data analysis

October 2019: Report (and translations)

December 2019: Advocacy plan


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