October 3, 2014

LGBTI Children Have Right to Safety and Equality


Council of Europe Human Rights Commissioner calls for protection of all children’s right to safety and equality

IGLYO, the International LGBTQ Youth & Student Organisation, welcomes the statements made by Nils Muižnek, the Council of Europe’s Commissioner for Human Rights, on the right of all children to safety and equality.

The Commissioner drew particular attention to the issue of homophobic and transphobic school bullying, stating that “School should be a safe environment for all students. […] Confronting homophobic and transphobic intimidation requires continuous and focused attention from schools and educational authorities.”

Addressing inequality in education is a core, unwavering commitment for IGLYO. Muižnek added that UNESCO and IGLYO have provided detailed guidance on effective responses”, and we are grateful for the recognition of our work in this area.

LGBTQ young people in Europe are greatly affected by homophobia and transphobia even outside the walls of formal education. IGLYO particularly welcome’s the Commissioner’s focus on self-determination of trans and intersex youth, as well as the consequences of homelessness, “When LGBTI youth cannot rely on the support of their families, the result can be long-term marginalisation with a high cost to individual health and well-being.”



3 October 2014

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