February 22, 2016

Lambda Warsaw – Interview with Karolina Borowska


Lambda Warsaw is a Polish LGBTQ organisation, whose mission is to create social space in which to construct a positive identity of the LGBTQ community as well as providing independent, professional and expert assistance in difficult and crisis situations. The Association was established in 1997. Lambda Warsaw works mostly regionally in Warszawa and the Mazovia District (Województwo Mazowieckie).

To discover more about the work of this organisation, we interviewed Karolina Borowska, board member of Lambda Warsaw.


1) Karolina, what is a very exciting project Lambda Warsaw is currently working on?

The aim of this project is to educate, improve the competences of the institutions that organize workshops that improve the competences of teachers (already working at junior high schools and high schools) in the area of reacting to homophobia and fighting against it. We collected “good practices” on this subject from Polish schools. They inspired us to realize another activity – creating and standardizing (i.e. testing on a group of teachers) training model for counteracting homophobia at school and supporting her victims, addressed to the school staff. Currently we are developing methodical textbook intended for those engaged in educating teaching staff, discussing how to prepare and carry out activities according to the proposed scenario. At the beginning of next year, we will organize training for 40 persons representing institutions providing teachers training that will prepare them to conduct training according to the method. In the final part of the project, we plan to spread its effects in the form of a conference aimed at people working in institutions educating teaching staff and school leaders, as well as in form of articles in professional journals.


2) What is a priority in Lambda Warsaw’s agenda?

Our priority is creating a space for a positive identity of the LGBT community and the provision of independent, professional psychological assistance in emergency situations and crises.


3) Why did Lambda Warsaw want to become a member of IGLYO?

We joined IGLYO because we wanted to meet other LGBT organizations that focus on Youngsters, exchange experiences, good practices, find inspiration for our actions. We also wanted to be represented at European level through the platform such as IGLYO i.e. in matters relating to advocacy.


4) Which is the most useful advice you would like to give to an LGBTQI young person at present time?

Be proud. Be yourself. Do not conform.


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Photo courtesy of Lambda Warsaw.



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