December 28, 2015

KPH – Interview with Vyacheslav Melnyk


KPH is a member organisation of IGLYO and and LGBTQI organisation based in Warsaw, Poland. To discover more about KPH’s work, we interviewed for Members’ Monday Vyacheslav Melnyk, the current KPH’s Secretary General and coordinator of projects within the system of formal education.


1) Vyacheslav, what is a very exciting project KPH is currently working on?


The biggest current project related to youth in schools is “Equal school: without discrimination and violence”. The goal of the project is to help schools evaluate its culture with regards to existing equal treatment policies, plan and successfully address the needs of school in terms of anti-discriminatory education and good practices. Four school working with us on the project in cooperation with experts in the field of anti-discriminatory education will create a publication gathering good practices and systematic know-how of anti-discriminatory education titled “Equality lesson: guide to good practices”. The “Guide” will be used by others schools on their way to discrimination-free environment within the school culture. Polish Teachers’ Union is a partner of the project.


2) What is a priority in KPH’s agenda?


KPH’s strategy for 2014-2017 focuses on five areas: family life, safety and well-being, access to the healthcare, youth in the system of formal education as well as LGBT ally movement. To each of the KPH’s strategic areas there are measurable goals and priorities assigned, which are carried out through specific projects and activities.


3) Why did KPH want to become a member of IGLYO?


KPH highly appreciates the possibility of international and intercultural exchange of good practices, various perspectives as well as networking that help us better our work addressing the needs of Polish LGBTQI community. We perceive IGLYO as an extraordinary platform for inspiration and cooperation with IGLYO members as our international partners.


4) Which is the most useful advice you would like to give to an LGBTQI young person at present time?


Stay strong, believe in change for better and feel the support of your allies and peers!


Here is the most recent report that KPH published in English: the report is about the legal and social situation of LGBT people in Poland.


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The pictures represent KPH’s work with youth in the school settings. Photo courtesy of KPH.


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