August 13, 2014

Important Membership Updates


IGLYO has been working hard to improve how it engages with its Members and Friends. We are excited to launch two new resources for our membership:

IGLYO Network
A new mailing list exclusively for members and friends

Building Together
A new online capacity building resource page of our website

We are also updating our membership database, so please complete the new registration form below to ensure your continued involvement with IGLYO.

A/Membership Database Registration
IGLYO is in the process of creating a new database to ensure we have accurate and up to date information about our Members and Friends

The registration form is especially important for Members in relation to:
Decision making and voting
Collection of membership fees
Engagement with IGLYO projects and consultations

Please take 10 minutes to complete the form by clicking here


B/Members’ Network

IGLYO has set up a new group mailing list exclusively for our members and friends, with the goal of creating a closer community. What this means is, whenever you want to promote an event, advertise an opportunity, share best practice or consult with others, you can now reach 85+ LGBTQ youth organisations with one email.

The mailing list is closed, therefore, it can only be used by registered members. This ensures that your email address isn’t shared with any third parties.

No email addresses will be added to the network list automatically. To ensure your organisation benefits from being part of the network, please click the button below to add all the most relevant email addresses from your organisation to the new network list.

Register for here


C/Building Together Online Capacity Building Resources

Building Together is an exciting new addition to IGLYO’s website. It is an online capacity building library, which will be populated with a range of resources, toolkits, and workshop plans to support IGLYO Members and Friends with their work. Currently the page contains a selection of IGLYO conference and study session follow up packs, so you can learn from the events, access links to articles, and use the included presentations and activities even if you were unable to attend. Later in the year, we will be launching new resources for organisations focusing on inclusion of different groups and identities. The resources will look at how your organisation or group can reach and engage better with LGBTQ people with differing identities and backgrounds.

Visit Building Together webpage


D/ 30th Anniversary Conference

30th Anniversary Conference
Wed 12th – Fri 14th November
Dublin, Ireland
IGLYO is celebrating 30 years of LGBTQ activism this year. We are looking for current and previous IGLYO participants to join us for three days of celebrations and discussions to mark the event.

Register your interest now by clicking here.


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