May 17, 2014

IGLYO marks IDAHOT 2014


Today, Saturday 17th May, 2014 is International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT). On this day, IGLYO joins with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) activists across the globe in standing against discrimination and advocating for a world where we, young people in all our diversity, are able to express and define our own sexual orientations, gender identities and gender expressions. Where we are able to participate fully in all aspects of life, rise to our full potential, and enjoy respect and positive recognition.

IGLYO has marked today through many actions including participating in the IDAHOT Forum meeting in Malta alongside our member organisation, We Are:  The University of Malta LGBT Society, local and other EU politicians and ambassadors who support the movement, which started in 2004 and promotes equality and freedom of expression for LGBTQ people. At the forum our Co- Chair Patrick Dempsey spoke on the theme of inclusive Education and 17 nations signed a declaration of intent on LGBTQ rights, he had this to say: “It’s great to be in Malta at the official IDAHOT Forum meeting and to represent our members. This week is such an important week for our community and for the wider community too, it unites us together in solidarity and the global action that takes place inspires us to keep fighting against discrimination, to keep fighting for freedom of expression and for our basic human rights.”

In addition IGLYO hosted a seminar in association with the Council of Europe Equality Division (SOGI Unit) and the European Youth Center Budapest. The seminar has been taking place between 15-17th May and today you can join the online action hour against Homophobic and Transphobic Hate speech between 11.30 and 13.00 (Central European Time). Come and use your Right to Freedom of Expression to speak up for Human Rights for all.

Finally, IGLYO participated in the World Conference on Youth in Sri Lanka from 5th-10th May where over 170 countries were represented and a new declaration on Including Youth in the post-2015 agenda was developed. The final declaration that was produced failed to specifically mention the LGBTQ community which is why International events such as IDAHOT are so important. Our Communications officer, Orlaith Hendron, who attended the conference said: “It was great to participate and to be given the opportunity to feed into such an important declaration, however, many of the youth delegates at the conference were disappointed to find that despite the theme of the week being Including Youth, that the LGBTQ community has been deliberately left out. There was overwhelming support from the youth delegates at the conference and it just shows that we, the young activists of today, really are the future. The work we do is so important and especially on IDAHOT I encourage all young people to stand up for the rights of LGBTQ people”.

You will be able to follow the main programme sessions of the seminar on No Hate Speech, as it will be broadcasted live through a live stream channel of the Council of Europe here

For more information on seminar’s programme >> click here

About the No Hate Speech Movement >> Click Here


Contact: Orlaith Hendron


Background on IDAHO(T): The term homophobia was first used in 1969 by George Weinberg and has become known through his book ‘Society and the Healthy Homosexual’ (1971). The reason that this particular day has been selected, is because on this day in 1990, homosexuality was removed from the International Classification of Diseases of the World Health Organization (WHO). IDAHO(T) was established in 2005 and in 2009 transphobia was added to the name of the campaign.

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