September 17, 2019

September Member of the Month – Single Step

IGLYO Focus, Members

Single Step started with one practical goal – to support and empower young LGBTI people, especially the most vulnerable among them. We established services for support throughout the country. By 2018, we were supporting LGBTI youth in more than 85 towns and cities. 

Logo of Single Step. The words SINGLE STEP are written in capital letters, one on top of the other. The letter 'E' in Single and Step are lined up on top of each other. The two E's create a rainbow flag with the 6 colours as separate lines.

What are your most memorable moments in Single Step’s recent history?

We are especially proud of our #endHIVbg initiative. Through its pilot project in 2018, we managed to send out 900 free oral HIV tests to MSM from more than 110 locations in Bulgaria. This happened within a month, after a viral video campaign, of promoting the project. 

Can you tell us about your priorities, projects, topics, etc. you’ll be working on for the remainder of 2019? 

Our priorities have always been to support, motivate and empower our LGBTI community. Alongside with our psychological support (online chat, phone line, support groups, network of psychologists in 10 cities), we will continue with:

What makes your organization unique? 

A photo of 4 people sitting at a table. Talking and laughing. There is a laptop open, and some coffee cups.

Our human approach, focused on the individuals within our community. We believe that supporting members individually, will empower them and will to lead them to build a stronger community. 

IGLYO has been empowering young people for 35 years. What is for you the best way to motivate LGBT Youth for activism? 

The feeling of being able to help others, even if it is only sharing your own story, is the key of involving LGBT Youth in activism. 

Catchphrase: A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. 


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