April 19, 2019

April Member of the Month – Accept LGBTI Cyprus



This year, IGLYO is celebrating its 35th anniversary
and we want our members in the centre of the celebration!


Accept was officially registered as an NGO in 2012 and ever since then there were some important landmarks that Accept was able to lobby and achieve. Accept lobbied and help in the passing of the the civil union in Cyprus. Accept organized the first Pride ever in Cyprus and finally brought the topic of hate speech and hate crime to the table.

Accept in collaboration with Aids Solidarity Movement (Cyprus) ran a project in regards to collecting data on PrEP from the community and then educating the community about PrEP. The goals where to understand if the community had any knowledge around PrEP and if they wish to have access to it in Cyprus. The research had a great number of participants. The project came to a conclusion and was a great success.

What are your priorities for 2019?

So far we are keeping up with our old priorities which is the passing and proper lobbing for our upcoming Legal Gender Recognition law. Also we are running a project for combating homophobia and transphobia in schools.

Other than that we are planing on create a new strategic plan soon and it will focused around the needs of the LGBTI community. Some topics include better empowerment, health etc etc

What makes Accept LGBTI Cyrpus unique?

We have a dynamic new team that is extremely diverse and with different backgrounds. Also we are activists that have very fresh ideas that are created to better empower our community and society.

What is for you the potential of youth activism in the LGBTQI movement?

The need for youth empowerment in Cyprus is very prominent. There is definite lack of awareness and involvement from the youth but we are hopeful that with a proper strategy and the finding of the right resources we can alter this culture. We must get the youth involved because there is a lack of exposure through any other places, for example the educational system. Ergo we shall take the task upon ourselves and simultaneously push for better initiatives from the education system in Cyprus.

A phrase to inspire tomorrow’s activists:

If we don’t empower ourselves how in the heck our we going to empower someone else!


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