November 22, 2010

IGLYO dennounces discrimination based on sexual orientation in United Nations


Open Letter:
LGBT Rights and the United Nations: It is supposed to get better – not worse!

It is appalling that the UN is so very far behind in LGBT issues.

The only resolution adopted by the UN General Assembly that specifically mentions sexual orientation was evaluated again this Tuesday, November 16th. On the initiative of the OIC (Organization of the Islamic Conference) and with the support of the African Group, the reference to sexual orientation was removed.

The resolution addresses extrajudicial killings. Member States are requested to protect their citizens and quickly investigate all extrajudicial killings committed for a number of reasons listed. Two years ago, sexual orientation was included in the list when Sweden led the negotiations of this resolution.

The introduction of the reference to sexual orientation was an initial success in the enforcement of human rights for LGBT people. Now the UN is taking one step back. This is unacceptable!

Therefore we demand all member states to include “sexual orientation” as a reason to be protected against extrajudicial killings in this resolution!

Jens Christoph Parker, UN Youth Delegate 2010, Germany
Clara Leiva Burger, UN Youth Delegate 2010, Germany
Christopher Dekki, IMCS
Gabriel Aranda, FELGTB, Spain
Samah Hadid, UN Youth Delegate 2010, Australia
Dana Vyzinkarova, UN Youth Delegate 2010, Slovakia
Atanas Mihnev, UN Youth Delegate 2009, Bulgaria
Nicolas Klein, UN Youth Delegate 2008, Germany
Astrid Schrader, UN Youth Delegate 2008, Germany
Ansgar Drücker, Secretary General of the Youth of Naturefriends, Germany
Marah Köberle, UN Youth Delegate 2007, Germany
Felix König, UN Youth Delegate 2010, Sweden
Matthieu Content, UN Youth Delegate 2010, Belgium
Toni La Tegola, African Gay Youth Foundation, The Netherlands
Joel Wardenga, Member of the Executive Committee of the Green Youth Germany, Germany
Luis Moreira, Secretary of the International LGBTQ Youth & Student Organization, IGLYO

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