October 5, 2018

IGLYO Annual Members’ Conference (#AMC2018)


IGLYO Annual Members’ Conference (AMC)

IGLYO, the International LGBTQI Youth and Student Organisation, is delighted to be hosted by LGBT Youth Scotland for our Annual Members’ Conference in Edinburgh.

Scottish Government Minister for Older People and Equalities, Christina McKelvie, met some of the delegates and opened the AMC reflecting on the progress Scotland has made for LGBTI equality, with a reminder of the need to avoid complacency about what still needs to be achieved to improve the lived experience of LGBTI people.

56 delegates from 35 countries in the Council of Europe region have arrived in Edinburgh to participate in the conference. Two young people were not able to attend the conference because their visas were not granted by the UK Government.


Anna Robinson, Co-Chair of IGLYO said:

“We are excited to be here in Edinburgh hosted by LGBT Youth Scotland at the largest gathering of LGBTQI youth and students in Europe. We are proud of IGLYO’s diverse membership with representatives from all across Europe, but are deeply disappointed that two of our members from Georgia were denied visas to join us here. As we see the rise of right-wing governments across Europe, international solidarity is more important than ever.”


Euan Platt, Executive Coordinator of IGLYO said:

“IGLYO is delighted to be partnering with our member organisation, LGBT Youth Scotland, to bring our Annual Members’ Conference to Edinburgh. In the nine years since our last event here, Scotland has made significant progress on LGBTI rights and inclusion, with clear leadership from the Scottish Government.


We are, however, saddened that two participants from Georgia were denied a visa from the UK Government to participate in the event. This is the first time in the last five years of holding the AMC in various countries across Europe that we have been faced with this problem. LGBTQI young people, especially from countries that have poor LGBTQI and human rights records, benefit from participating in international events and building their connections with the wider movement.”


Fergus McMillan, Chief Executive of LGBT Youth Scotland said:

“It’s a privilege to welcome IGLYO and young people from across Europe and humbling to hear their experience of prejudice and discrimination. We see the conference as a good opportunity for young people to share their experience of activism in their own country context, make friends and leave the conference feeling confident about what can be achieved. We were saddened, however, that a few young people couldn’t attend the conference because their visa were denied and extend our hand of friendship to them.”



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