April 19, 2016

I Have Rights Participants’ Report Day 1


By participants Christoph Alms and Yuri Yoursky

The first day of IGLYO’s conference “’I’ Have Rights” in cooperation with Council of Europe took place in the European Youth Center Budapest and started with a breathtaking view over Budapest. A huge conference room and different options for safe spaces and gender neutral toilets leaded to a welcoming atmosphere. 


The session started with different team building activities, including a combination of a “name-and-pronoun” round. This leaded to the exercise how to ask people about their pronouns and how to use different pronouns when talking to and about them. The participants learned how important it is to emphasize and be sensitive – but for some people it is still hard to use the preferred pronouns because of language barriers and language backgrounds. Although this learning process needs some time the participants agree that it is absolutely worth it. 

This session was followed by a terminology input about intersex terms. Additionally the participants learned about one perspective of the history of intersex people and about the intersex movement by Ruth Baldacchino (ILGA World Co-Secretary General). During the session on terminology, there has been also presented the video about intersex people. The hero in the video, Emily, who is also among the participants, says: “It was exciting to see the video with my participation, which has been shown all over the world. And it was impressing to know that this video has changed some people’s lives or attitude towards intersex people”. So it would be important to highlight that the workshop is created by method of informal education, so everyone could literally learn from each other.

The first day ended in the small reflections groups where participants had the chance to get to know another side from Budapest – Budapest under a Rainbow.


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