April 21, 2016

I Have Rights Participant Report Day 2


By Toryn Glavin

Day two of IGLYO’s study session got off to an interesting start with a world cafe teaching particpants about different issues and realities facing the intersex community around the globe. It gave an insight into intersex lives and the challenges faced, using various forms of media such as articles in national newspapers to youtube videos.



Participants then mioved to an infomative and exciting workshop on values and their importance to us in our daily  lives. Particpants were ach given three values. These values could be exchanged with other particiapants and the aim of the activity was to try and get values which best represented you as a person and how you complete your work. An insidious bank was also put in place to try and get particiapnts to sell their souls in the quest for their perfect values!


The workshops ended with clips from two films focusng on personal experiences of intersex people,  which proved an intense but essential experience.


The day came to a close on a high, as particpants descended on an unsuspecting Budapest for Euan’s Epic Photo Scavenger Hunt. Four teams were set lose upon the city witha list of 20 photo oppurtunities they had to collecet. From „Take a photo in fornt of the parliament building” to „take a photo in somone’s home” it proved an exciting team building exercise and a fun way to see Budapest in all it’s glory.

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