February 21, 2023

Urge your country to oppose anti-LGBTQI law in Hungary

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Support our Members in Hungary by urging your country to fight against the anti-LGBTQI law


Our Members and the LGBTQI+ community in Hungary need your urgent help!

In June 2021, the Hungarian parliament adopted a law in the likes of Russia’s so-called ‘anti-propaganda’ law, which banned the ‘promotion of homosexuality or gender reassignment’ in schools, in advertising, and in media. You can find more information about this law in our inclusive education report

This made Hungary the 6th country in the Council of Europe Region to adopt similar anti-LGBTQI laws and policies. The law has been condemned by the European Parliament, the Council of Europe, and UN bodies. Schools, companies, and NGOs have also firmly stood against the law

Such laws are extremely harmful and dangerous, especially for LGBTQI young people. On top of censoring the whole LGBTQI community, they prevent LGBTQI youth from accessing gender affirming care and safe and affirming information about their identities. These laws also prevent non-LGBTQI learners from receiving inclusive information on LGBTQI topics, which has been proven to increase the rates of violence experienced by LGBTQI learners in schools. 

As the European Commission brought Hungary in front of the European Court of Justice, EU Member States are in the process of submitting ‘written observations’ on the case. This is where Forbidden Colours, Háttér Society, Reclaim, and our Member Budapest Pride need your urgent help: They need you to convince your government to support the case and make it clear that these so-called ‘anti-LGBTQI+ propaganda laws’ are not more welcome in Hungary than anywhere else in the EU.

So far, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands have already joined the case against Hungary. Your contribution could really make a difference.

Sign & Share Forbidden Colours’ petition by 28 February 2023: https://www.forbidden-colours.com/2023/01/19/petition/

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