February 21, 2019

Host the Activist Academy 2019

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Activist Academy 2019 – Call for host organisation

Deadline for expressions of interest: 23:59 CET, 28 Feb 2019 – ONLY OPEN TO MEMBER ORGANISATIONS FROM EU COUNTRIES


Dear IGLYO Member Organisations,

Just a few weeks ago, we published a call for expressions of interest in becoming partners in an Erasmus+ application to organise IGLYO’s Activist Academy in 2019. However, we are excited to inform you that we have very recently been able to secure funding that allows us to organise the 2019 Activist Academy just as we did in previous years, with an open call for participants. We are honoured that so many of you have been interested in becoming partners in the Erasmus+ project and we will use your applications to submit a funding application to Erasmus+ before the October deadline to secure funding for the 2020 Activist Academy.


What does this mean?

It means that we are now looking for an IGLYO Member Organisation, located in an EU member state, that would like to host the 2019 Activist Academy, which should take place at the end of June.

We are sure you know about IGLYO’s Activist Academy and what an exceptional capacity building and empowering event it is. For more information about it, please consult the Academy website which has a lot of details about the content, programme, learning outcomes, the target group, and practicalities. In just a few words, IGLYO’s Activist Academy is a highly effective and motivational empowerment opportunity for your young activists, the future leaders of your organisations.


What do I have to do as the Activist Academy host organisation?

– together with IGLYO agree on the Academy dates (it should happen in the end of June – beginning of July)

– research and compile a shortlist of options for accommodation, catering and meeting rooms within the budget

– make logistical arrangements so that all participants, mentors, experts and organisers can reach the venue

– identify a minimum of 3 local volunteers who will help during the Academy, including arrivals and departures days (they will be able to participate in the activities of the Academy, together with all participants, if they want to)

– possibly identify one local expert to conduct one workshop during the Academy

– appoint a contact person who will keep close in touch with IGLYO staff, who will provide a lot of help with these tasks

– while there is no financial contribution required from the host organisation, being able to help identify any small funds or local sponsorships to support the event is welcomed


How would my organisation benefit?

The Academy is a key activity in delivering IGLYO’s strategic priorities, specifically in relation to building the capacity of LGBTQI young activist. This will provide you, as the hosting organisation, a good opportunity to raise your profile amongst other IGLYO members and partner organisations, while raising your organisational competence on the topic and gaining experience in organising international youth events.  Your volunteers will be able to take advantage of all the workshops and the activities of the Academy.


What does IGLYO expect from the hosting organisation?

Hosting the Activist Academy is a big responsibility for any member organisation. IGLYO will provide the funding for the event.  The preparation and implementation of the event will require serious time investment and constant communication with IGLYO staff. Be assured that IGLYO will cooperate closely with you to ensure that the event is a success. We will provide extensive support and you will never be on your own left to organise everything.

Host organisation’s profile:

  1. Capacity to welcome around 30 LGBTQI youth and student activists from across the Council of Europe member states.
  2. Motivation to spend the time and effort necessary to organise this event (i.e. regular contact by e-mail, monthly online meetings)
  3. Ability to recruit, train and co-ordinate a group of volunteers to manage logistics during the event
  4. Experience hosting conferences/large meetings and an understanding of the planning required.
  5. Be able to work in English.
  6. Be a member organisation of IGLYO.


If you are interested in hosting this event, we would love to hear from you! Please fill in this short form here

Thank you very much for your interest and dedication!

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