September 17, 2015

Change of Heart


what was your #changeofheart?

Update: Thu 17th Sep: 09:15- Challenge 2 launched:

30 tweets tagging an organisation or person who has had a positive impact on your life or made you think differently about something. Please use the hashtag #changeofheart and include @IGLYO as well as the person or organisation.

Update: Thu 17th Sep: 08:55- Challenge 1 is complete!

Over 50 people have now liked our teaser film. See above for Challenge 2

Update: Wed 16th Sep: 15:00- Challenge 1 launched:

50 likes need to be put under the #changeofheart teaser video on our YouTube channel.


Dear members, partners, friends, and followers,

IGLYO has some exciting news- we’ve had a #changeofheart. Before we can feel comfortable telling everyone, though, we are looking some reassurance. You can help us to unlock our heart and reveal the secret by taking part in our social media campaign and encouraging others to do so too. The campaign aims to build and strengthen the links between IGLYO and its member organisations , but also the connections between all our members and partners that help make IGLYO’s network so unique, diverse and inspiring.

The theme of the campaign revolves around the concept of change of heart- a reversal of ones opinion, attitude or feelings. Change of hearts are part of every individual’s life and they can make us grow as a person and embrace new and different ideas. The goal of the campaign is then to share these moments, have fun and possibly… win some prizes!

How to take part to the campaign?

IGLYO will set a series of challenges for its followers. Only when each challenge is completed, the next one will be revealed. To help complete each challenge, share them around your network: involve staff, board members and volunteers who are part of your organisation. Invite them to take part and share their change of heart with us! The more, the merrier. You can keep up with the campaign by visiting

Which social networks?

All challenges will be communicated through Facebook, but each one will take place on a different platform, such as Twitter, Instagram and Youtube, all using the hashtag #changeofheart. They will involve sharing photos, tweeting your thoughts, posting comments, and tagging friends. There is only one rule: have fun!


As in every game worthy of its name, prizes will be an essential part of this one. Although the first challenges will focus on collaboration, the final challenge will be a competition. As we are a European youth organisation, you have to be under 30 and resident in a Council of Europe country to be eligible for the 1st  prize. Runner up prizes, however, can be won by anyone.

Are you ready for a change of heart? We are looking forward to knowing yours!

Click here if you are looking for information on IGLYO’s Annual Members’ Conference.

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