About IGLYO Events

Whether in-person or online and organised in a variety of interactive formats, IGLYO Events are designed to train, support, and build the capacity and skills of LGBTQI Youth organisations, activists, leaders, and volunteers. You can see all our upcoming and past events below, and learn more about our two specific events the Annual Members’ Conference and the Activist Academy.

Upcoming Events

LGBTQI Youth Health & Advocacy Conference

10-15 November 2022

Past Events

Activist Academy Bucharest 2022

24-31 July 2022, Romania

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Coffee with IGLYO + Courageous Conversations Workshop

9 June 2022, Online, Zoom

Global Online Activist Academy 2022

28 April - 14 May 2022, Online, Worldwide

Pride Week Online Workshops with OBESSU

24-28 May 2022

Strategic Messaging Webinar

19 May 2022, Online, Zoom

Coffee with IGLYO

28 April 2022, Online

Design Thinking Skills Workshop

1-3 April 2022, Brussels (BE)

Global Online Activist Academy 2021

Online, Worldwide

AMC Online 2020

Online, Zoom

Global Online Activist Academy 2020

Online, Worldwide

AMC Helsinki 2019

Activist Academy Coimbra 2019

Coimbra, Portugal

AMC Edinburgh 2018

Edinburgh, Scotland

Activist Academy Predeal 2018

Predeal, Romania

AMC Zagreb 2017

Zagreb, Croatia

Activist Academy Berlin 2017

Berlin, Germany

AMC Valletta 2016

Valletta, Malta

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