August 27, 2013

EuroSD meeting aftermath


IGLYO took part in the EuroSD meeting, which took place 3rd-7th of July in Zaragoza, Spain.

The meeting,  which was the 1st of it’s kind was organized by AEGEE Zaragoza. The conference was aiming to explore and further discuss the role of INGYO’s (International Youth NGOs) in the EU Structured Dialogue process. Currently only National Youth Councils and European Youth Forum are officially recognized and directly participate in the EU Youth Policy decision making process.

During the meeting delegates from INGYO’s together with representatives from European Youth Forum and National Youth Councils discussed the current role of INGYO’s in the Structured Dialogue Process and also explored ways to further work together and steps to be taken towards the recognition of INGYO’s in the Structured Dialogue process. Finally, INGYO’s submitted common recommendations in relation to the ongoing consultation around theme of Social Inclusion.

IGLYO is actively engaged with the Structured Dialogue process and has submitted reports to the European Youth Forum, covering the aspects and issues of LGBTQ youth and is encouraging Member Organisations to be active in the process in their local levels in order to increase the voice and visibility of LGBTQ youth issues in the overall EU Youth Policy.

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