January 21, 2016

Ethnic Identities Roundtable – Call for Participation


The Roundtable will take place before the IDAHO Forum in Copenhagen, Denmark, and we are working to secure participation for all Roundtable participants to the Forum.

Roundtable Dates   8 – 10 May 2016 (Arrivals 7th, departure if no Forum participation 10th)
IDAHOT Forum Dates       10 – 13 May 2016 (Departures 13th)
Location   Copenhagen, Denmark (TBC)
Participants:   5-10
Application Deadline:   15 February 2016


 Call for participants

IGLYO is happy to invite you to participate in a Roundtable with the aim to formulate guidelines and strategies for combating racism and ethnic discrimination among IGLYO’s member organisations.

Please apply by filling in the application form HERE, before 15 February 2016. NOTE: As part of the application, we expect interested people to submit a 1 minute video with a message that expresses their motivation to participate and their stand on the issue described below, or a personal experience of being stigmatised or discriminated based on the intersection of sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, sex characteristics and being from an ethnic minority. Please see below for more details.


In the last few years, IGLYO has had repeated signals that the LGBTQI youth movement and its own membership composition do not accurately reflect the ethnic diversity of its constituency. The recent migration and refugee crisis within Europe and the anticipated nationalistic discourse reactions also point to the need for the LGBTQI movement to work more intersectionally.


IGLYO suggests the following objectives for the Roundtable, with the understanding that the participants themselves, with support from IGLYO, will finalise the agenda of the Roundtable so that it meets their identified needs:

– to analyse and discuss the lack of ethnic diversity within IGLYO’s membership and within the broader LGBTQI community;

– to formulate guidelines and strategies to begin to address this issue, which will be translated into content for the upcoming international conference on ethnic diversity;

– to generate and test ideas and concepts for an online campaign promoting increased inclusion of diverse ethnic identities, which will be implemented in the second half of the year.

The Roundtable will be attended by LGBTQI young leaders of diverse ethnic identities from different countries who will self-manage the agenda of the meeting, with support and facilitation by IGLYO. IGLYO hopes that some of the participants will later become involved in the international conference on ethnic diversity within the LGBTQI community, as part of its preparatory team.

Facilitation support will be provided by IGLYO, in order to ensure the achievement of the objectives, but the participants will be encouraged to self-organise and administer the agenda themselves, before and during the meeting.

The Roundtable will be essential in order to have an effective conference and a successful campaign. The participants will be expected to become self-organised, to finalise the agenda and to self-manage the meeting, with facilitation support from IGLYO. Therefore, we would like to welcome any ideas, suggestions or recommendations you may have regarding the content of the Roundtable, as early as in the submission of the application (even if applications will not be evaluated based on these ideas). We are keen of having a time that is pleasant and constructive for all of us.  Please do not hesitate to send us your thoughts or ideas about the content of the meeting.

Dates and deadlines

The Roundtable will take place between 8-10 May, in Copenhagen, Denmark. We are currently working to invite participants to the IDAHOT Ministerial Forum in Copenhagen, between 10-13 May, so that the Roundtable can feed in the content of the Forum.

Please apply by filling in the application form HERE. REMEMBER that part of the application is to submit a 1 minute video with your message on one of the following themes:

The video can be submitted via wetransfer.com or other file sharing services, or by email. The purpose of the video submission is to ensure that participants to the Roundtable are able to raise these issues at the level of the IDAHO Forum.

Deadline for applications: 20 February 2016

IGLYO really hopes that participants to the Roundtable will become involve in its work on ethnic diversity throughout the year, by volunteering to be part of the preparatory team for the International Conference on ethnic diversity within the LGBTQI community. The relevant dates for this series of events are:

– Conference Preparatory Team meeting: 3 days in the middle of June: 23-26 June 2016 (TBC)

– International Conference, 5-9 September 2016 (5 working days, excluding travel) and an additional 2 days of preparation before the conference

– The Campaign will be launched after October 2016.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Tudor Kovacs, Capacity Building Officer at IGLYO. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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