July 4, 2014

Crossing Paths Intersectionality Conference Day 3



Today at the ‘Crossing Paths’ conference we held morning and afternoon workshops on ‘Gender’ and ‘(Dis)abilities’.

The ‘Gender’ workshop explored  ideas of gender and how the gender binary has affected those within the session. Intersectionality was explored in the dissection of multiple identities at the intersections of race, gender, (dis)abilities and sexuality. Following from this the leaders of the session explored feminism versus trans-feminism. The workshop finished with an analysis of several European examples of Gender Recognition legislation which were analysed, discussed and critiqued by those attending the workshops.

“i was surprised to learn as much as I did in the Gender Workshop. The room was full of people who could be considered experts and yet I still felt that I learned a lot about the intersectionality of gender.” Sam, Ireland

The ‘(Dis)abilities’ workshop introduced the social model of disability and explored attitudes towards multiple intersections within (dis)abilities

Participants also engaged in  a walking debate in with the participants discussed empowerment, disempowerment and the role of organisations in promoting and protecting the layers of multiple sections (and intersections) in society. The session finished with activists collaborating on how they would conduct an intersectional campaign on an LGBTQ topic that would be diverse and accessible.

“I think this workshop on disabilities was really good. It’s the one I knew the least about and I feel I learnt a lot. And I have a lot of ideas about things we can improve in my organisation” Kai, Norway

” It was very eye-opening to the diversity within disability itself. We tend to see disability as homogenous. For instance only 8% of people with a disability are wheelchair users. Many Queer organisations, even their information materials, never mind their buildings” Marthese, Malta


Jenn Byrne

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