June 8, 2020

COVID-19 Survival Guide: Privacy and Space to Speak with Queer Friends


During lockdown, you might not have any access to your local support groups or queer spaces. This is probably very difficult for you if you count on these spaces for support and recognition. A lot of support groups and organisations are thankfully offering online services and places you can call in or email to get some support, so check out what the services you’ve been using offer.

Some groups are also doing online video calls where people can hang out and chat via the internet. If you’re craving some human interaction with like-minded people, try suggesting it to whoever leads your group that you do a watch party online, or just a chat where everyone shows each other their pets or talk about your day.

The COVID-19 Survival Guide is a project in collaboration with Fox and Owl, the creators of The Trans Teen Survival Guide, on what it means to be a young trans person and how to deal with topics such as gender dysphoria, hormone blockers, surgery and more. They also run My Genderation, a film project that celebrates trans lives and trans experiences.

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