March 21, 2016

COC Nederland – Interview with Jouke van Buuren


COC Netherlands has been advocating the rights of LGBT people from 1946 on. COC strives for the decriminalization of sexual orientation and gender identity and for equal rights, emancipation and social acceptance of LGBT’s in the Netherlands and all over the world. To get to know more about the work of the organisation, we interviewed Jouke van Buuren, project manager youth and education of COC Nederland.


1) Jouke, what is a very exciting project COC Nederland is currently working on?
As COC, we support Gay-Straight Alliances on more than 500 high schools.


2) What is a priority in COC Nederland’s agenda?

Creating social acceptations around/for LGBTI people.


3) Why did COC Nederland want to become a member of IGLYO?
We believe in the power of getting organized at a European level.


4) Which is the most useful advice you would like to give to an LGBTQI young person at present time?
You can do something yourself to create a safe space for LGBT people.


Would you like to know more about COC Nederland’s work?

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