August 7, 2012

Changes in the IGLYO Board


Summer is usually considered the best period for meditating, looking ahead and making important decisions. On this summer day, IGLYO is announcing the decision of Nir Zernyak to resign from his position as an Executive Board member due to his personal and professional commitments such as pursuing of studies and work for the Israeli Gay Youth organisation. When elected to internationally represent interests of LGBTQ youth and students last year, Nir assumed IGLYO’s education portfolio, thus convening and coordinating the most recent Working Group on Education, established in March 2012. During his untimely finished mandate, Nir served as IGLYO’s liaison to UNESCO and worked on an anti-bullying conference which is due to take place next year.
We wish Nir the best of luck in all his endeavours and look forward to hearing of his successes in the field of LGBTQ youth and student activism in Israel and elsewhere. In his good-bye message Nir expressed gratitude to his colleagues in the Board and Secretariat. “Being part of the team was a meaningful experience and I’m very pleased I had the chance to get to know you all. I’ve learned something from each and every one of you, and will take it with me in the memories”, he concluded.
Board has decided to call for co-option of communication officer to fill the vacant position in the IGLYO Board. Board member Despina Michaelidou will take over the education focus area as a coordinator of the Working Group on Education.


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