Visual with the caption “Open call for a consultant or consulting company: Research on the needs and lived experiences of LBTIQ girls, young women and non-binary youth”. On the write are collated an orange notebook and a magnifying glass on a grainy background with blue, pink and purple shades. The logos of IGLYO, ELC and the European Union sit at the bottom left.
Visual with the caption "Get to know our Anti-Racism Task Force!". On the right are collated the portraits of the four members of the Task Force on a pink grainy background.

Get to know our Anti-Racism Task Force!

  Building a safer and better future for LGBTQI+ BIPOC and ethnic minority youth and students in Europe   The Anti-Racism Task Force (ARTF) is […]

February 24, 2023

Visual with the caption “Support our Members by urging your country to oppose anti-LGBTQI law in Hungary - Sign Forbidden Colours’ petition by 28 February 2023”. On the right is a collage of the EU and Hungary flags in front of a Lady Justice statue on a grainy pastel background. The IGLYO logo sits at the bottom left.
Visual with the caption “Support for LGBTQI People and Sex Workers in Turkey and Syria - List of resources to provide or request support”. On the right is a picture of hands holding a heart, collated on a pastel grainy background. The IGLYO logo is at the bottom left.
Visual with the title "Intersections: Diving into the FRA LGBTI II Survey Data on Youth". The bottom is a purple rectangle with a yellow circle on the left, next to which are IGLYO and ILGA-Europe's logos.
Visual with the caption "Pride cannot be cancelled: Statement on EuroPride in Belgrade". A picture of two people wearing the LGBTQI progress flag and the LGBTQI rainbow flag with their back facing the camera is on the right side of the caption. On the bottom left is the IGLYO logo.
Visual of a grainy gradient background with the caption “International — Monkeypox Newsflash: Protecting yourself and others”. The pictures of a globe and a Flipchart with the word Monkeypox and a microscope on it are collated in the lower right corner. The logo of IGLYO is in the lower left corner.

Sign & Share The Together Statement

This article is also available in Russian below. It is with great excitement that we share the Together Statement! The Together Statement is a democratically-formed […]

June 12, 2022

LGBTQI Youth News Bulletin | June 2022

  Contents New anti-trans rulings in international sports; Dangerous Romanian anti-LGBTQI draft bill under deliberation; Spanish draft bill on youth legal gender recognition and intersex […]

July 6, 2022

Square visual displaying a trophy with the trans flag on top on a black and white grainy background and the caption "Statement: Celebrating Worldwide Trans Athletes as International Sports Governing Bodies Impose New Anti-Trans Rulings" and the IGLYO logo on the bottom left corner.
Banner displaying ”Advocacy Working Group” in the middle, “Shape the future of LGBTQI youth activism!” in the top left corner, and “Apply by 25 April 2022 at 23:59 CEST" in the bottom right corner. The background consists of an image displaying a futuristic Rubik's cube in pastel tones. At the bottom of the banner is an orange rectangle with the logos of IGLYO and its funders on the left, and "#OpenCall" written on the right.
Screenshot of the report cover displaying "Trans & Poverty: Poverty and Economic Insecurity in Trans Communities in the EU" in black and orange under TGEU's logo on a white background, with orange and purple geometric graphics on the left
Thumbnail displaying "The most at risk of gender-based violence are among the least protected and supported by existing efforts to prevent and tackle violence" with a line of drawings

Hungary’s censorship legislation

On 15 June 2021, as part of an ongoing attack on LGBTQI rights, the Hungarian Parliament adopted several amendments that go against EU legislation and […]

July 7, 2021

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